Churchill – The Greatest Briton Unmasked

“I have not always been wrong. History will bear me out, particularly as I will write that history myself”

Winston Spencer Churchill

September 3, 2009 is the 70th anniversary of the British declaration of war against Germany and it comes at the time of a startling re-assessment of Winston Churchill’s role. 


In the popular imagination, Churchill is the greatest Briton but in his compelling appraisal of Winston Churchill’s political career, Nigel Knight reveals in his book ‘Churchill – the Greatest Briton Unmasked’ that not only is there little truth in this picture of his wartime premiership, Churchill’s strategy was in fact disastrous both in peace and war.

From the debacle of the Gallipoli campaign in the First World War when he was First Lord of the Admiralty, to his contradictory economic policies as Chancellor; from his wartime blunders, and to the post-war period when he was marginalized by world leaders, this provocative new book shows how history has conveniently forgiven Churchill for momentous mistakes. 

Backed up by rigorous research, Nigel Knight sheds startling new light on the life and career of Winston Churchill, shattering the sentimental myth of Churchill as ‘The Greatest Briton’ and forcing his legacy to be reappraised.

 Nigel Knight is a lecturer in British Government at the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge, England.

He is the author of Governing Britain Since 1945.

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