Young Buck, “I Looked At 50 As A Big Brother”

50 CENTLOS ANGELES, (RUSHPRNEWS)JULY 31, 2008–After the beef between Young Buck and the G-Unit crew calmed down, the Cashville rapper now speaking out about the fallout with his former family at G-Unit.The Tennessee rapper recently was interviewed by Buckie Naked Radio where he addressed the beef between him and 50Cent again.
“At this point, I’m just trying to do what I got to do as a man,” Buck said. “My departure away from the group … I’m still signed to this label [and] I’m trying to get away from that situation because we just can’t work out. At this point, it’s just about me moving forward.”

 Buck added, “I think what I’m going through, as far as my situation with G-Unit, is something that’s just making me stronger. It made me more weary of my surroundings. It taught me a whole lot.”


Although he is no longer with 50 Cent, Buck said that he always looked up to 50 as a big brother.


“I’ve always looked at 50 as a big brother, so I’ve always respected him as a big brother,” Buck admits. “The conversation that people was able to get – that he taped – was me speaking to 50 from a big brother perspective. I dealt with 50 from the heart, and I looked at him like a big brother.”


When asked about the leaked phone conversation, the former G-Unit member said, “At the end of the day, it was a heartfelt conversation from me. I meant everything I said. I was actually going through a situation at the time. He chose to put it out there to kinda discredit me. I think it backfired if you ask me.”

Buck is currently trying to start his own label Cashville Records. The label´s roster include 2Pac´s group The Outlawz and West Coast veteran C-Bo.


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