Yahoo! Launches Self-Serve Display Ad Solution

Yahoo! My Display Ads, Powered by AdReady, Helps Small Businesses Reach Big Audiences

SUNNYVALE, CA (RPRN) 06/22/2009–Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) today announced the pilot launch of Yahoo! My Display Ads, a self-serve display ad solution designed to help small and medium-sized businesses easily reach their target audiences on Yahoo! and its extended network of partner sites. Powered by Seattle-based AdReady, the service is designed to help a new segment of advertisers to reach Yahoo!’s 1651 million users in the U.S. with locally targeted display ads.

“Yahoo! My Display Ads allows small businesses to build on their search marketing with display campaigns that reach a targeted audience on some of the Internet’s most popular websites,” said Joanne Bradford, senior vice president North America Revenue and Market Development, Yahoo!. “This new solution provides an affordable and accessible option for businesses to run brand and performance campaigns that reach the local audiences that matter to them most.”

Advertisers of all sizes are able to take advantage of powerful geographic, channel and demographic targeting capabilities to reach local audiences that are most relevant to them through Yahoo!’s My Display Ads. By using a web-based, self-serve interface, advertisers can create and customize campaigns using more than 800 display templates. Additionally, advertisers can elect CPM or CPC-based pricing, catering to both branding and performance marketing goals. The new solution also helps advertisers track and manage campaign performance goals with daily reporting on key metrics, helping them optimize campaigns on the fly.

Yahoo! My Display Ads is an extension of a limited program Yahoo! and AdReady offered to a number of managed Yahoo! Small Business customers last year. Through this program, advertisers – such as Klaussnerhome, a local furniture store based in Greensboro, North Carolina – have tested the offering, experiencing positive results. Klaussnerhome, which previously relied heavily on traditional advertising mediums recently tested Yahoo! My Display Ads to promote its annual Memorial Day sale in Greensboro and the surrounding area.

Klaussnerhome experienced record sales and foot traffic, which it attributed directly to the advertising campaign it ran on Yahoo!. As a result, the furniture store continues to invest in online advertising. Klaussnerhome also plans to increase its budget to target larger markets such as Raleigh and Charlotte, both of which it was unable to reach through traditional media.

“AdReady’s partnership with Yahoo! will provide advertisers with direct access to high value advertising inventory from the largest provider of display advertising in the world,” said Aaron Finn, President and CEO, AdReady. “With Yahoo! My Display Ads, we hope to make display as easy, effective and accessible as search.”

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About Yahoo!

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Seattle-based AdReady is an innovative advertising technology company making online display advertising as accessible and effective as search advertising. The company’s unique approach helps businesses of all sizes build effective online display campaigns based on proven creative and media plans, dramatically increasing an advertiser’s return on advertising spend. AdReady’s patent-pending solutions are ideal for advertisers, agencies and publishers. To learn how to build an effective online display campaign for your business, please visit

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