Writing Releases for Social Media Sites

The birth of Social Media Releases (SMR)

Everyday, press releases use all of their every possible might, to woo society into buying a product or service. And with the market share shrinking in the blink of an eye, companies are looking for more effective and affordable methods to reach their audience. Until recently, businesses sent their news via fax or email, but these days are now gone. Thanks to new innovative technology online and the ability to add images, podcasts, webcasts and embedded video, a new-age of distribution has emerged: Social Media Release or SMRs.

The major advantages of social media sites are networking and increased web presence. Think of Digg and its 30 million readers. Think of the explosion of Facebook, and moreover Twitter. A press release distributed among social media websites have a much greater chance of being read or recognized. Social Media and bookmarking sites such as Technorati, Digg, Twitter, Reddit, Del.icio.us, Mixx and Facebook allow companies to spread their news in a heartbeat. Does it mean that all that needs to be done is to submit news to these sites? Definitely not, one more step must be taken to enhance the distribution and readability of a press release, and that is search engine optimization copywriting, turning it into a Social Media Release. Then we’re talking true SMR.

While some companies are still trying to figure out the search engine algorithms, others have pioneered methods on how to write news in an SEO friendly manner.

RushPRnews, a newswire created in 2006 by public relations professionals and journalists is making wave in the industry, not only by offering distribution to newsrooms but by turning any articles or releases into an SMR. Simply publishing an article in the RushPRNews newsroom, which is aggregated by Google News and numerous newsfeeds, and following its guidelines, a company has in its hand a strong Social Media Release.

How does it work? RushPRnews understands that SEO news releases target customers through search engine marketing. When press releases are SEO friendly, they are comprised of integrated keywords or phrases and links. Theses features optimize a release so that it shows up on the top results of search engines. Everyday, all day, people seek information, products and services and solutions through search engines like Google and Yahoo. With SMR, companies have a greater chance to reach new clients and retain existing ones.

The combination of social media releases with search engine optimization is a revolutionary online tool that is helping businesses worldwide. The combined efforts of PR services and Internet marketing are the most efficient way to distribute breaking news, press releases and newsletters. As networking is integral for companies to attract new clientele, SMRs produce positive results that are measurable. From the PR business to pharmaceuticals to professional sports teams, all industries are focusing on finding ways to take advantage of social media releases and search engine optimization copywriting. The right newswire just might be the answer.

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