“Work It at the Circuit” Check Kids Equipment at Funfit


Work It at the Circuit
Kids Equipment For Fun”fit”‘s Open House February 19th

Maryland, MD (rushprnews) 02/15/ 2007 -Funfit Family Fitness Center, founded by Celia Kibler, a childhood fitness maverick is a national showcase site for Kids PACE Express circuit. The equipment, a safe hydraulic circuit training program for kids manufactured by Pro*Fit Enterprises, is a complementary addition to Kibler’s innovative fitness programs. Her approach not only combats but prevents childhood and teen obesity but is family-inclusive.  An Open House will be held on Monday, February 19th from 10am – 2pm.

Celia Kibler, owner and founder of the Funfit Family Fitness Center and the Funfit children’s fitness program, says that adding the Kids PE program is a natural extension of their commitment to the community. “We have been offering family focused programs to our community for 20 years. When offered the opportunity to become a Showcase Facility for this innovative new kids fitness program, we jumped at the opportunity. This program is ideal for them because it’s safe, fun and non-intimidating. The program is designed with safety and fun in mind; if it’s not fun, kids are not going to stick with it.” All classes are taught by certified instructors who help motivate and inspire the participants.

Rande LaDue, President of Pro*Fit states, “Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions with factors such as fast food, computers, TV, video games, etc. all contributing to the problem. Over 40% of our children are overweight and almost 20% are obese. We developed our Kids PE program to safely help combat this problem and to introduce kids ages 5-12 into a healthy fitness lifestyle in a safe, fun, non-intimidating format.”.

Kids PACE Express equipment features hydraulic resistance which matches the effort of the user. “We call it accommodating resistance”, LaDue says, “it’s much like moving your body through water, the faster you push, the more resistance you encounter. There are some weight stack equipment companies out there that have made scaled down equipment for kids, but there are some obvious safety problems with kids working out with weights. Since hydraulic resistance does not have a fixed load like weights, each machine works opposing muscle groups in a push/pull fashion. This way, more muscle mass is worked out in a shorter time with a much higher calorie burn than weights and without the muscle soreness or intimidation.”

Recent studies at Baylor University with hydraulic resistance equipment have shown that a 30 minute workout with hydraulic equipment can burn over 500 calories, about the same as 1 1/2 hours of walking.

Funfit Family Fitness Center is offering a special free Kids PE introductory circuit workout and consultation to the public to kick off their program and an Open House will be held on Monday, February 19th from 10am – 2pm. Please call 301-975-0099 for an appointment for a free introductory workout.

The press is invited to call Anne Howard at 310-295-9578 for a private tour or interviews.

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