WordTracker PLD Shatters Building and Battery Barriers in GPS Tracking

WorldTracker PLD Shatters Building and Battery Barriers in GPS Tracking

Burlingame, CA (RUSHPRNEWS) February 5, 2008- TrackingtheWorld’s newest GPS tracking device, the WorldTracker PLD, eliminates two common problems in GPS tracking with its ability to operate without interruption in buildings and parking garages and superior battery life.

Equipped with quad-mode capabilities and GPS assist, the WorldTracker PLD operates from any location in the world, including problem areas known for interrupting GPS tracking signals such as parking garages.  Considered to be the most affordable and versatile GPS tracking device available today, the WorldTracker PLD is ideal for personal safety, covert tracking and asset management. 

The WorldTracker PLD utilizes a powerful 1340 mAh ,or optional 2000 mAh, rechargeable Lithium-ion battery to provide continuous GPS tracking, reporting and monitoring for up to 2 weeks. 

Recently reviewed by PocketGPSWorld.Com, Lance Bendlin, editor, was impressed with the WorldTracker PLD’s extended battery life. “The WorldTracker PLD overcomes one of the biggest limitations of the other (GPS tracking) devices … poor battery life. Properly configured the PLD will last a good week before needing a refill. Remarkably the PLD does not even have a power button or switch – it is always on,” wrote Bendlin.

For GPS service providers and systems integrators, the WorldTracker PLD offers a way to provide valuable, on demand services to their clients including worldwide vehicle tracking, security and recovery services. “The WorldTracker PLD is ideal for providing multiple powerful services using only one GPS tracking device,” said Gilbert Walz, CEO of TrackingTheWorld, Inc.  

The WorldTracker PLD’s two-way voice communication and one-way emergency listening capabilities offer a unique option for using a GPS tracking device for personal safety reasons.  “The ability to communicate combined with GPS tracking could easily mean the difference in quickly locating a loved one during an emergency,” said Walz. 

The World Tracker PLD and other TrackingtheWorld GPS tracking products are available through Productive Electronics, LLC, the firm’s master distributor.  For more information about distributor opportunities, please visit www.productiveelectronics.com.

TrackingtheWorld, Inc is a global leader in the development of GPS tracking equipment and accessories.  The firm’s GPS tracking Letter Logger, commissioned by the United States Postal Service, was recently named “Invention of the Month” by Popular Science magazine.  For more information about the WorldTracker PLD, distributor opportunities, or turnkey private label GPS tracking websites, please visit www.trackingtheworld.com or call 650.692.8100.

Gilbert Walz
TrackingtheWorld, Inc. 
1633 Bayshore Hwy., Suite 390
Burlingame, CA


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