Windows Vista Lets You be You: Creative New Design For Creative Ideas

Dell XPS M1330Be You: Windows Vista Computers Epitomize Form, Function, Self-Expression
Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Mobility Center are among the enhancements designed to help people pursue their passion, whether at home or on the go.

 REDMOND, Wash., (rushprnews) July 30, 2007 – Holiday gift giving in August? The holidays may be months away, but holiday spending brings out the expressive, the extravagant — and the exceptional.

Dell Inspiron 1720
Dell Inspiron 1720
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 In preparation, Microsoft and computer hardware makers have been hard at work creating PCs that cater to the whim of givers and receivers alike. With Windows Vista, there are laptops for style mavens, gamers and lovers of all media. A person’s computer is often a statement about who they are, and they can rest assured that their computer will be well equipped, regardless of their choice.

Since the release of Windows Vista earlier this year, several companies have created PCs loaded with new mobility and multimedia capabilities. Windows Photo Gallery is designed to let users easily access all their photos and videos in one centralized place. Synchronizing content and personal information between computers and devices is also much easier; with Windows Mobility Center, Windows Sync Center and Windows Network and Sharing Center, users can ensure that content on their desktop, laptop, and Smartphone – or other mobile device – is consistent and up to date.

Asus Lamborghini VX2
Asus Lamborghini VX2
Click for high-res version.

Coupled with these enhancements is the Windows Vista design aesthetic, which ushers in a new look and feel for the computing experience. So whatever a person’s passion, desktops and laptops loaded with Windows Vista are designed to grant users access to their photos, videos, appointment calendars – and most anything else they need – to live life unfettered and with style.

Following are some of the expressive, extravagant and exceptional options gift givers (and gift receivers) will have this year when it comes to Windows Vista PCs:
Dell XPS M1330

Available in a plethora of personalized hues from midnight blue to crimson red, and pearl white to flamingo pink or spring green, the Dell Inspiron 1720 – with its high-definition 17-inch display — delivers desktop-class performance in an on-the-go package. Those who prefer a laptop designed for sleek lines and understated elegance may opt for the easy-to-carry Dell XPS M1330, which weighs in at four pounds. Use either computer as a portable entertainment center to tag, organize, share and view photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery.


Noteworthy Design Details of the M1330:

• The M1330 starts at 0.9 inches in thickness, and weighs just under 4 pounds, making it one of the lightest 13-inch systems in the market
• An integrated 2.0 megapixel Web cam makes it easy to create a video blog or add video to instant message chats with friends and family
• The optional biometric fingerprint reader restricts access to the computer or key data by requiring a biometric password – the owner’s own fingerprint

Noteworthy Design details of the 1720:

• A built-in Wi-Fi catcher and advanced antenna design ensure ease in finding and connecting to the strongest wireless signal available
• An integrated 2.0 Web cam makes for more interactive blogs, messaging and internet chats
• The high-resolution UltraSharp display and Blu-ray Disc reader deliver a new level of clarity and life-like imagery

Sony Vaio CR
Sony Vaio CR
Click for high-res version.

Sony VGC-LS37E
Sony VGC-LS37E
Click for high-res version.

Asus Lamborghini VX2, from $2,899

The Asus Lamborghini VX2 is available in signature colors such as vibrant yellow and polished black, which are designed to exude the speed, style and strength of the laptop’s name sake. This same experience carries over to how users create and enjoy digital content. Whether editing high definition (HD) videos in Windows Movie Maker or viewing the final cut on its 15.4 inch screen, the VX2 is the perfect vehicle for multimedia computing.

Noteworthy Design Details:

• From its stitch detailing to the premium, leather-bound palm rest, every detail of the VX2 echoes exquisite Lamborghini design
• The built-in 240-degree Web cam lets people stay in touch with their friends and families without compromising the VX2’s sleek aesthetic
• With ASUS Power4 Gear eXtreme power management system, the VX2 has the battery life to keep up with people’s demanding computing needs on the road
Click for high-res version.
 Be Connected

HP tx1000, from $999.99

A flip of the screen transforms the lightweight HPtx1000 tablet into a personal canvas for creative drawings, note taking and editing images. Plus, the new Sync Center will help users synchronize their Windows Vista based laptop, desktop, Smartphone and other devices, so they can always access their current contacts and appointments. The HP tx 1000 is designed to keep people stylish and on-time.

Noteworthy Design Details:

• The tx1000’s touch screen twists 180 degrees for presentations and DVD playback while traveling – and folds flat to capture hand-written notes and drawings
• The integrated fingerprint reader requires a swipe of the owner’s fingertips as part of the log-on process, and to access files and Websites that are password-protected
• A 1.3 MP Web cam and omni-directional microphone transform the tx1000 into the user’s own personal media hub
Sony Vaio CR
Click for high-res version.
Sony VGC-LS37E
Click for high-res version.
 Be Dynamic

Sony Vaio CR, from $1,140
Sony VGC-LS37E, from $1,899.99

There will be no mistaking the owner of the Sony Vaio CR, as their name is engraved across the cover of their computer, which comes in a variety of colors including indigo, cosmopolitan black, sangria and dove white. And the Sony VDG-LS37E’s slender profile is designed to make a stylish statement at home – whether in an expansive loft or space-challenged studio. Coupled with the Sony Vaio’s design is the confident assurance that online wanderings will be safe when using Microsoft Internet Explorer 7. Internet Explorer 7’s address bar becomes bright green when visiting certified businesses and bright red when a phishing site is unknowingly encountered. With these features, scouting the Web for shoes and ordering concert tickets can be done with peace of mind.

Noteworthy Design Details of the Vaio CR:

• 802.11n wireless technology enables Web surfing and streaming of digital content that’s four-times as fast as 802.11g, the current wireless standard
• With a light-weight design and long-lasting battery life, the Vaio CR truly combines ease of use, productivity and longevity
• AV (Audio Visual) instant mode, a Web cam and entertainment controls let users enjoy multi-media entertainment without booting up the rest of the computer

Noteworthy Design Details of the VGC-LS37E:

• The VGC-LS37E’s slender, space-saving profile is designed for an elegant user experience
• An integrated TV tuner and Windows Vista Home Premium allow users to record digital video and effortlessly navigate to programs they’ve saved
• With a 19-inch LCD display, the VDG-LS37E is the all-in-one home entertainment center that’s built to fit in with a home’s décor
Toshiba R500 Protégé
Click for high-res version.
 Be Daring

Toshiba R500 Protégé, from $2,149

Stay connected anytime, anywhere with the Toshiba R500 Protégé. Among the thinnest laptops in the world (.77 inches thick), the Protégé is supremely portable, yet also powerful with a lengthy battery life. And with Windows Sidebar in Windows Vista, people can stay on top of the things they care about: display local weather, top news headlines, a gallery of favorite photos or content from one of Windows Sidebar’s hundreds of other mini applications.

Noteworthy Design Details of the R500 Protégé:

• Lightweight and durable, the R500 Protégé is designed to be a truly Mobile PC
• With a 64GB flash memory and 7-mm thin DVD-Super Multi Drive, the R500 Protégé does not compromise functionality for its lightweight design
• Along with a durable case, the R500 Protégé’s keyboard is also designed to resist liquids so people won’t have to worry about accidental spills


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