Will 50 Cent Spike The Kool-Aid?

NEW YORK (RUSHPRNEWS)AUGUST 8, 2008–Yoooo! Recently the blogosphere has turned into a real bad version of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Roving bands of fans are attacking for no apparent reason. Folks are assigning themselves the three hat trifecta of judge, jury and executioner. And no longer are you entitled a defense. It’s anarchy and it’s fucking un-American. Take it from me folks, you do not; I repeat, you do not want to speak of your disdain for G-Unit in public. You never know who may be listening.I made this mistake the other day at another site my words call home. Summoning courage I didn’t know I had, I wrote something negative about “Terminate On Site”. Damn. What did I do that for? They crawled from all sections of the World Wide Web, intent on my destruction. I was called every appalling e-name in the book. And then the stake through the heart; I was called a hater.

Da hell? Hater? Yes, because if you are not a Stan, you are a hater. There is no grey area in G-Unitville.

Look, I don’t know what’s up with those people who sit up night and day on that website (you know the one I’m talking about) repeating that new millennium Gregorian chant “Buck is a bitch. Game is a bitch. Buck is a bitch. Game is a bitch”. But there is something real wrong with them folk. I don’t know what kind of indoctrination process they have. What all their hazing involves and what secret society type rituals they put those young impressionable members through, but it reeks of mind control.

I can see them with G-Unit shrines in their basements; praying five times a day to Lord Fif with their heads pointed in the direction of Queens. I know they have to be under the command of a stronger power, some of them actually bought Yayo’s last album. If that doesn’t make you a kool-aid drinking zombie follower, I don’t know what does (O’Reilly really needs his ass kicked.) It’s scary people. It’s very, very scary.

So of course my next concern is what of these poor people once Fif is no longer rhyming. Will there be life after G-Unit? Will they leech on to some other larger than life artist or will Fif take them with him and put us out of our misery? Only time will tell if the G-cult will live after the departure of their savior, but if I have my way; that time is right around the corner.

– By Shelby Powell YO1 RAPS MAGAZINE

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