Which Clubs Need To Be Careful Now Sven is on the Prowl

Sven GoranLondon, UK (RPRN)April 9, 09– Since -Eriksson’s dismissal as National head coach of Mexico, the Swede has been linked with a host of Premiership clubs and, given that his agent, Athole Still, last week publicly stated that for his next managerial role, Sven’s first choice would be a return to England, the list will surely continue to grow.

Despite Sven having achieved previous success at club level with Lazio, Sampdoria, Gothenberg and Benfica, Sven has yet to succeed in the UK. With his time at Manchester City regarded by many as a flop, his return to the premiership is bound to get the fans tongues wagging – and, for some, their feet shaking.

However, with many managers feeling the pressure of the top flight and others just in temporary roles, Sven’s name is bouncing off the walls of club boardrooms up and down the country but, which ones will Sven be drawn to? ExtraFootie, the European social networking destination for football supporters, looks at 5 potential destinations for the ice man and encourages fans to sign-up to its petition to ‘Keep Sven Away From The Premiership’.


With Gareth Southgate continuing to stall under the pressure of having to pull Middlesbrough away from the Premier League drop zone, the boardroom are reportedly already looking at managerial alternatives.

Why would Sven Join? Middlesbrough are of the Premiership old faithful having spent the last 10 seasons in the top flight and, 12 seasons in total. They may not have all the money in the world but having spent £13million on Afonso Alves last season, maybe there’s a little pot of gold he can delve into somewhere to help rejuvenate the squad?

With their struggle this season and Sven’s reported love of a challenge, he’s sure to be up for a survival battle at the Riverside Stadium.

Boro Fear Factor…Chance of Sven joining – 35%

Whilst Sunderland’s first Premiership campaign under Roy Keane was hailed a success, since his departure, their fortunes haven’t been so good under the reign of former Manchester United coach Ricky Sbragia as they sit just above the relegation zone.

Why would Sven join? Ricky Sbragia’s 18 month contract looks like it may be cut short following a poor run which leaves them just short of the drop zone. Having broken British transfer record for a goalkeeper in the 07/08 season, paying Hearts £9million for Craig Gordon, maybe there’s further funds for Sven to spend. With a fan base that has stuck with them through thick and thin, the challenge of joining the Stadium of Light will surely entice the Swede.

Black Cat Fear Factor…chance of Sven joining – 30%

Newcastle has very publicly seen hard times of late, going through a string of managers before appointing Alan Shearer as masiah until the end of the season. With Joe Kinnear sidelined until further notice and Shearer categorically stating he’s only staying at the helm for 8 games, new names need to be suggested at St James Park.

Why Would Sven join? Newcastle has some of the most passionate fans in the league and a billionaire owner that, if he found his love for the club again, could raise the funds to re-haul a squad severely lacking in motivation and self belief. Whether Sven’s the man to re-motivate them only time will tell but, things at Newcastle will struggle to get much worse – another challenge the Swede will surely relish.

Toon Fear Factor…chance of Sven joining – 20%

Chelsea are one of the highest profile clubs in the world and are desperate to re-discover their form of the 05/06 season. However, big clubs require big names and with Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich, notoriously hard to please, would Sven be the right man to take over the Bridge after Guus Hiddinck?

Why Would Sven Join? Like them or loath them, Chelsea are a successful team with a field of world class players, a rich history and, an even richer owner. Following Sven’s £40million splash on players and Manchester City, we all know how much he likes to spend other people’s money and, with a reported £100million pot being made available at the end of the season, Sven would surely dive at the opportunity to help them spend it. Sven has also been linked with a move to Chelsea in the past when he was pictured holding secret talks with Chelsea’s chief executive Peter Kenyon in 2004.

The Blues Fear Factor…chance of Sven joining – 10%

Manchester United
Perhaps a long shot but, if Sir Alex’s men take home all five trophies this season it would create the perfect pedestal for him to step-down. Whether Sven’s name would even be thrown in to the fray to replace Sir Alex poses a different question but, football is always full of surprises.

Why would Sven join? More like why wouldn’t he? Manchester United are the best supported club in the world with fans on ever corner of the globe. They have pockets deep enough and a heritage strong enough to snap up almost any player in world football and they certainly have the right stadium to show them off in. Manchester United are the current kings of football but, would they want Sven as their Queen?

The Red Devils Fear Factor…chance of Sven joining – 5%

Sven certainly had what it takes to be a successful manager in his younger days but, is the Premiership a step too far for the 61 year old? Whether you’re a fan of the above clubs or are a supporter worrying that the Swede could be heading for your club next, join ExtraFootie’s campaign to keep Sven Away from the Premiership – the results are going to be sent him directly.

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