Kill Dogs and Cats Pound INSPECTEUR CANIN Uses Gas Chamber


Dogs and Cats Are Kept in Filthy Cages, Not Fed Or Given Water

Anima-Québec Fails To Oversee Facility

St-Lin, Quebec, Canada (RPRN) 04/2609-You were given a little puppy, but you lacked the experience to train him. Because you felt he was too much trouble, you decided to get rid of him. In the Lanaudiere area, North of Montreal, Québec, Canada, the most accessible place to the people is Inspecteur Canin.

Because you are pressured, you bring your animal to this place. Without having been aware of anything around you, you signed the discharge papers and leave the dog or cat in the hands of employees, who are not concerned with the dirty and unclean shelter.

You were so pressured to get rid of the animal; you didn’t even notice the environment or the other animals waiting in cages or carriers.Save thedogs of Quebec - Sauvons les animaux du Quebec

Well, later a witness tells you what happened after you left. Your animal “WAS NOT ADOPTED” if he wasn’t a good breed! Rather, he was probably sent to the gas chamber!

Here is what the witness did not tell you:

The dogs are put into the gas chamber with a long pole and a choker around their necks. The dogs are petrified as they are being thrown into the chamber. They cry for help, but no one is listening. They walk around looking for a way out. They go toward the same door where they entered the chamber.

Suddenly they hear a hissing sound. They look around hoping that someone is coming to take them home. The dogs struggle to stay standing. They go down. They empty their bowels and their bladders. They gasp for breath as the gas is entering their lungs. Ten to fifteen minutes later the dogs are no longer moving.

There’s no more crying, no groaning, and no gasping. It’s silent in the chamber. The killer gas has done its job.

After some time, the employee who put them into this gas chamber begins to drag their lifeless bodies towards the refrigerated container. They are piled one on top of the other. The refrigerator door is closed.

The following day, the refrigerator door is opened to bring in the new victims. Some of the dogs that have been gassed the day before are seen wagging their tails. These dogs are then put into the incinerator. If they did not die in the gas chamber, and they did not die in the refrigerated container, WERE THE DOGS STILL ALIVE, WHEN THEY WERE PUT INTO THE INCINERATOR?

Anima-Québec who is mandated to oversee these pounds has again greatly failed the animals and people of Québec.

Anyone off the streets can get the job of killing animals in the gas chamber. He’s told how to shove them in and how to push the buttons. There is no veterinarian to certify that the animals are dead.

An employee of Inspecteur Canin in St-Lin, who left the job because he could not take anymore of this cruelty, confirmed that he had no formal training on how to KILL. He was told in an effort to cut down the amount of feces and urine in the gas chamber, that the dogs and cats on death row were not to be fed for the last 3 days of their lives. They were only to be given a bit of water. He confirmed that this was a directive from Anima-Québec.

I IMPLORE EVERYONE, TO PLEASE COME TO THIS PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION IN FRONT OF THE DOG POUND OF ST-LIN ON MAY 2, 2009 AT 1 P.M. We will speak loudly for those who have no voice and have no choice.

inspecteur caninIf you have the chance to read this message, please think twice before bringing a puppy and abandoning it in this infected place which we call a pound.

Yours in rescue,

Nicole Joncas,
Universal Peace Ambassador

Protest in front of “L’INSPECTEUR CANIN” dog pound

Saturday, May 2 2009 at 1:00pm
Address: 1728, Route 335
Québec, Canada J5M 1Y3

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