Vince Vaughn Commits to Canadian Hotty Kyla Weber

bonding over hockeyBy Janine Theriault, staff Writer

MONTREAL (RushPRnews)03/06/09-Weeks after Us Weekly’s report, and days since a flurry of blogging buzz started Wednesday, it has been confirmed: confirmed bachelor and “Wedding Crasher” Vince Vaughn is indeed engaged to Canadian hotty Kyla Weber.

The engagement was confirmed Thursday by the Bride-to-be’s father, in an interview with the Montreal Gazette.

The 29-year-old Weber has become a web curiosity since reports started swirling of a Vince Vaughn Valentine’s Day proposal, complete with four-carat, $125,000 ring and one knee delivery. Rumors are less clear as to how the happy couple met; vacations in Venice, CA, and Italy are mentioned, and a movie producer friend of Vaughn’s is being credited with making the introductions.

“It’s the biggest ring I’ve ever seen,” said Sylvia Smith, a fellow realtor of Weber’s, from their Royal Lepage office. “It’s magnificent. It’s a great big diamond surrounded by other circular diamonds.”
Modern Distinctions by Invitations by Dawn
Smith says Weber blushed while her former co-workers ogled the show-stopping ring during her visit to the old office a few days ago.

“She’s very happy but Kyla is not a boastful kind of person,” Smith explained. “She’s quiet and kind. She’s just a true Albertan girl. She’s not the Hollywood type.” Let’s hope that continues to be a positive trait for the raven-haired beauty in the future.

Smith also said the office has been fielding calls from American celebrity magazines.

“We’ve never commented,” she said. “We’ve always kept it that way and she’s thanked us a million times for keeping it that way.”

Once bitten, twice shy for Vaughn. After previous high-profile romances, most notably with “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston, the 38-year-old actor can be forgiven for trying to keep this one a little more hush-hush.

“I don’t talk much about private matters,” Vaughn told USA Today last year. Alluding to today’s news, he let slip “But I am in a very happy, serious, committed relationship.”

In Touch Magazine spoke with a friend of Vaughn’s in December who more-than-hinted the bachelor actor was looking to settle down.

“Vince is ready to get married and has been for a while,” said the friend. “He wants to start a family.”

Incidentally, Vaughn’s Canadian-born mother was also a real estate agent, so perhaps this has been the missing, familiar “something” all this time.

No other details regarding the wedding have been released.

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