Vice President of Global Entertainment: David McGuire — “Strategy and Implementation”

Vice President of Global Entertainment: David McGuire — “Strategy and Implementation”

LOS ANGELES, CA (rushprnews)March 29,2007 — Global Entertainment Holdings/Equities Inc. (OTCBB: GAMT) — As Vice President of HD and Financial Public Relations, David McGuire will oversee high definition incorporation/development, acquisitions, business development and financial public relations as outlined by McGuire Consulting.

Mr. McGuire will implement strategies for promotion and exploitation of content of current and future projects — heading up the following: (1) domestic and international theatrical release of the 14 owned feature films; (2) sale of licensed merchandise; (3) acquisition/licensure of film libraries; and (4) development of content for major studios, home video, satellite and cable companies.

David McGuire is Chief Executive Officer of McGuire Consulting Services, Inc., a Los Angeles-based financial public relations and business development firm. McGuire Consulting advises clients on strategies for taking companies public, suitable exchanges, achieving financial/business goals, corporate management, private/public market capital structuring, and strategic business development for a company’s growth. Mr. McGuire has managed hundreds of public company accounts for SEC reporting processing, press release coordination, public company shareholder liaison for: proxies, annual reports and red herrings/initial public offerings. David McGuire recently packaged and took American Idol Online — Fluid Media Networks ( public via a reverse merger transaction completed February 2007. Mr. McGuire was also responsible for securing the first purchase order, finding US distribution and content acquisition opportunities for HD VMD (Versatile Multilayer Disc) manufactured by New Medium Enterprises, Inc. (OTCBB: NMEN). HD VMD is a proprietary high definition disc format based upon established red laser technology enabling solutions for high definition products based on existing DVD industrial infrastructure. David McGuire built Publicease Financial Printing, the public company printing division of Publicease, Inc., and remains majority owner with offices located in Los Angeles and print production facilities in Pennsylvania. For SEC filings, Publicease represents: Gener8xion Entertainment, Inc. (, and Genius Products, Inc. (OTCBB: GNPI), which along with The Weinstein Company Holdings LLC, together own Genius Products, LLC, a leading independent home-entertainment distribution company.

“This is a tremendous opportunity, when highly experienced entertainment individuals all work together for one company objective — we will bring together a disciplined aggression, flawless execution, and success to achieve upcoming business goals — we will soon start to see the strength of our integrated business model — thank you again to the shareholders and company executives,” said David McGuire.

“Public Company Goals: I will work strategically with Global Entertainment’s internal team and third parties to achieve the realization of fair market value for Global Entertainment’s common stock and achieve greater corporate visibility on an ongoing basis by: (1) acting as advisor to management on a wide variety of issues related to positioning Global Entertainment within the financial community. This includes counseling with respect to upcoming shareholder communications. (2) Building and maintaining relationships with supporters of the stock; including institutional investors who cover the entertainment and high definition sector. We will use such avenues as telephonic outreach, management roadshows, investment conferences, and conference calls to expand the Global Entertainment’s following on Wall Street and increase institutional ownership of the stock. (3) Obtaining research coverage by equity analysts at quality firms who will provide regular write-ups and published earnings estimates on Global Entertainment. (4) Increasing Global Entertainment’s participation in investment conferences focused on entertainment and high definition. (5) Significantly increasing Global Entertainment’s visibility with investors, customers, analysts, strategic partners and industry leaders by increasing the frequency and quality of financial media exposure in a manner that supports Global Entertainment’s growth objectives.

“The most critical steps are to: (a) determine the key investment appeals of Global Entertainment, and (b) create an appropriate framework of expectations for investors to measure the Global Entertainment’s progress in creating shareholder value. This mix establishes the investment thesis, or why Global Entertainment’s common equity represents a compelling investment opportunity. The goal of these activities is to communicate a compelling investment story to ‘natural buyers’ — those most likely to respond positively by either purchasing shares in Global Entertainment or begin following Global Entertainment as a prospective investment.”

“Core-Business Goals: (1) Secure Licensing/Distribution Agreements for the 14 unreleased titles valued at approximately $60 million — films ready to be released:

Bad Fellas                            $500,000 Payoff 
A Bryan Genesse action film starring A Mike Tristano thriller starring
Michael Madsen and Bryan Genesse. Miles O'Keefe and Angela

Cop on The Run Daddyfox
Action film starring Michael Madsen Thriller starring Tara Daniels,
and William Forsythe. Martin Hancock and Malcolm Pitt.

Jungle Juice Italian Ties
Comedy starring Christopher Walken, Comedy starring Joe Viterelli,
Morgan Fairchild, Rutger Hauer and Dean Stockwell, Thomas Calabro,
Robert Wagner. Madchen Amick and Meat Loaf.

Innocent Man Revenge Games
Action / Drama starring Frank Action film starring Shawn
Zagarino and Charles Durning. Hoffman and Alexandra Kaniak.

Seventh Veil Sitting Ducks
Thriller directed by Albert Q. Comedy starring Annabel Mullion
Chetwyn starring Christopher Rich. and Serge Sorhic.

Strike Behind Enemy Lines Ultimate Target
Action film starring Frank Zagarino, Action film starring Michael
Billy Drago and Joe Lara. Madsen, George Cheung and Gary

Uninvited Guest Very Mean Men
Thriller starring John Savage and Dark comedy starring Martin
Joe Lara. Landau, Matthew Modine, Ben
Gazzara, Charles Durning and
Scott Baio.

“We will be attending Cannes and all major upcoming film festivals — our focus is to enter into licensing/distribution agreements; (2) launch a marketing program: we will use online and offline marketing techniques to create brand name awareness and to generate revenues from the sale of licensed merchandise; (3) production infrastructure: we will build additional in-house production capabilities, sound stages, film stages and incorporation of high definition technology in pre/post production; and (4) strategic partnerships: we will be strategically aligning partnerships with major studios, satellite and cable companies — a strong focus is to align strategic partnerships/co-productions with Global Entertainment and other public entertainment companies.” “Acquisitions: expansion of film portfolio via acquisitions will be an ongoing focus of Global Entertainment’s business plan. Potential acquisition candidates going forward include libraries of film titles and independent production and distribution companies” said David McGuire.

Distribution: we will exploit current and future content as outlined below:

Marketplace                  Months After Initial     Approximate 
Domestic Theatrical Release Period

Domestic theatrical 4-6 months
International theatrical 6-12 months
Domestic home video 4-6 months 6 months
(initial release)
Domestic pay-per-view 6-9 months 2 months
International Video 6-12 months 6-12 months
(initial release)
Domestic pay television 12-15 months 18 months
International television 18-24 months 12-36 months
(pay or free)
Domestic free television 30-33 months 1-5 years

“Advancements in digital media/high definition technology are opening up new distribution opportunities for the film industry — our focus is securing the valuable assets (content) and delivering a high quality playback experience. The current format war ongoing in the high definition market still remains in the hands of the major studios, manufacturers, and ultimately the consumer to decide. Our focus is producing outstanding content, which will be readily available to support what the market dominates as far as the true high definition format: HD DVD, BLUE RAY or HD VMD,” said David McGuire.

Key Executives: 
David Dadon, Chairman
Jacob Dadon, CEO, COO and President
Lydia Dadon, CFO and Secretary
Melissa Wilson, Head of Investor Relations
David McGuire, Vice President of HD & Financial Public Relations

Market Cap: 74,301,240.09 Outstanding Shares: 225,155,273 
Outstanding Shares 144 approximately: 223,955,273 restricted
Insiders control approximately 99% of restricted shares
Lockup Agreement 12 months approximately: 1,200,000
Public Float approximately 1,500,000 free trading
Global Entertainment Holdings/Equities, Inc., Miami

For further financial information, please visit, or Frankfurt: Safe Harbor Statement:

This press release contains forward-looking statements that may be subject to various risks and uncertainties. Such forward-looking statements are made pursuant to the “safe harbor” provisions of the Private securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and are made based on management’s current expectations or beliefs as well as assumptions made by, and information currently available to, management. These forward-looking statements which may include statements regarding our future financial performance or results of operations, including expected revenue growth, cash flow growth, future expenses, future operating margins and other future or expected performance, are subject to the following risks: the acquisition of businesses or the launch of new lines of business, which could increase operating expenses and dilute operating margins; the inability to license or distribute our film library competition; and to the general risks associated with our businesses.

In addition to the risks and uncertainties discussed above you can find additional information concerning risks and uncertainties that would cause actual results to differ materially from those projected or suggested in the forward-looking statements in the reports that we have filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The forward-looking statements contained in this press release represent our judgment as of the date of this release and you should not unduly rely on such statements. Unless otherwise required by law, we undertake no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise after the date of this press release. In light of these risks and uncertainties, the forward-looking events and circumstances discussed in the filing may not occur, and actual results could differ materially from those anticipated or implied in the forward-looking statement.


David Dadon
Fax: 818-884-3443

Melissa Wilson
Investor Relations
305-374-2036 ext 140

David McGuire
Vice President of HD
Financial Public Relations
310-601-7637 ext 101


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