Venus to Serena-Too bad we can’t play to a draw-

Venus and Serena

The Wimbledon Williams Show Is On The Air

By Mathias Victorien Ntep The Black Star News

NEW YORK (RUSHPRNEWS) July 4th, 2008 – Millions of people the world over watched or at least heard of “The Cosby Show,” brought to our global world-village by Bill Cosby. There’s another kind of show that the world’s been witnessing over the last couple of years—-it’s the “Wimbledon Williams Show,” staged in tennis by the phenomenal sisters Venus and Serena William.

The world will have the boon to attend or follow the third “100% Wimbledon lawn tennis final” on July 5 in England.

Actually, the final, pitting Venus William against Serena William on the turf of Wimbledon is becoming the main attraction and a slap-up feature of the “All England Lawn Tennis Championships” that regularly takes place in Wimbledon, south-west London, England. Serena has already raised the Wimbledon trophy twice while Venus’s wielded it four times hitherto.

Venus and Serena will scramble on July 5 for the trophy of the oldest and most prestigious Grand Slam tournament, after having kicked out their last opponents on July 3. Venus prevailed over the Russian Elena Dementieva 6-1 and 7-6, winning her 57th Wimbledon match, while Serena booted out the Chinese Zheng Jie 6-2 and 7-6.

Zheng Jie is ranked 133th in the world. Jie is the first female Chinese to ever reach the semi-finals of a Grand Slam tournament.

The Williams will play their sixth Grand Slam final Saturday. So far, Serena’s nearly always handled the pitch of Venus. The first edition of the “Wimbledon Williams Show” went off in 2002. The second edition came up in 2003. Good things happen in threes, as the saying goes.

Some jealous critics, mentally deranged and severely retarded, now and then, liken the two beautiful sisters and champs to chimps—-because the sisters are most successful, the scatterbrain critics are now once for all taken down a peg or two by this third final.

The editions of 2002 and 2003 were both wrapped up by Serena. No matter who chalks up the victory next Saturday, the Williams have already gone down in history as two tennis players belonging to the same family, abiding by the rules of the game, playing fair and thus setting a classic example to other younger aspiring players.

Whoever emerges as the winner of this “Wimbledon Williams Show,” future generations will learn a lot from these two sisters; they will gather that excellence is possible.

Serena and Venus haven’ t lost a single set during this year’s Wimbledon tournament. This won’t be any put-up game as the final will be a highly professional and hotly contested match.

Although Serena beat Venus during the two previous editions of the “Show,” Venus won the same Grand Slam tournament in 2000, 2001, 2005 and 2007. So who is the favorite this year?

Both are already winners.

Black Star News writer Mathias Victorien Ntep is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Frankfurt/Main. He holds a Postgraduate and Higher Degree in journalism and mass communications from the University of Mainz, Germany; a Master’s degree of Arts in German studies, Philosophy and Romance studies from the University of Frankfurt, Germany; a Bachelor’s degree of Arts in German studies, Linguistics, and General and Comparative Literature from the University of Yaoundé , Cameroon.

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