Uptown Menace-To Hell and Back a Carmen Noboa-Espinal Novel


Author Carmen Noboa-Espinal Uptown Menace-To Hell and Back Honored with the iUniverse Inc’s Publishers and Editors Choice Designation Award

Gripping Tale of Survival in a Urban Turbulent Landscape is a Must-Read
New York, NY (rushprnews), March 10, 2007-The iUniverse Inc’s Publishers and Editors Choice Designation Award was given to first-time novelist Carmen Noboa-Espinal for her thriller Uptown Menace-To Hell and Back . The award recognizes achievement, originality and marketability in a work of fiction.

Uptown Menace-To Hell and Back, a gritty thriller is told through the eyes of Jenny Rivera, a teenage girl who relies on her inner strength to confront and overcome the heartache and obstacles she is faced with on the streets of New York City. Author Carmen Noboa-Espinal presents a fascinating tale of survival against all odds among street gangs and other criminal elements. While the book takes place in a turbulent urban landscape, its genre is contemporary, and explores universal themes of self-acceptance and belonging.

p3040223.JPGIn a crucial act of violence that will change her young life forever, teenager Jenny Rivera is confronted with a near-death experience where she revisits the events that have led her to this tragic turning point. In this journey, we see her abandoned by her father and neglected by her addict mother, and soon left to care for her younger siblings by succumbing to the vices of street life in the ghetto.

Jenny’s inherent desire to survive and to be loved at all cost knows no limit and ultimately could bring about her own destruction.

Uptown Menace-To Hell and Back, ISBN 13:978-0-595-39978-9, September 2006, $13.95; currently available at iUniverse.com and all on-line bookstores. Also newly released at Barnes and Noble located at 70-00 Austin Street, Forest Hills, Queens, New York.

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