Up In Smoke? Group Protests Alicia Keys Concert Over Tobacco Sponsorship

Alicia KeysJAKARTA, INDONESIA (RUSHPRNEWS) JULY 28, 2008–Just as Alicia Keys was set to start a performance in Jakarta, Indonesia, an anti-smoking group has called her out over a promotional ad. According to reports, the trouble started when Tobacco Free Kids, an anti-smoking organization, spotted an ad they said promoted cigarettes to kids.

The group got together and wrote Ms. Keys a letter claming the ad seems to label her as the face and name for a cigarette product called “A Mild.”

“The sponsorship materials for the July 31 concert include massive billboards ringing the city which effectively make your face and name part of a tobacco advertisement for ‘A Mild’ cigarettes,” the letter read.

Keys took immediate action and launched an investigation into the group’s claims.

“When I was informed that my July 31 ‘As I Am’ concert in Jakarta, Indonesia was partly sponsored by a tobacco company, I immediately asked for an investigation and that corrective actions be taken, ” Keys said in a statement of her own.

Keys then confirmed that the issue had been resolved saying, “As a result, the tobacco company has respectfully withdrawn their sponsorship and all billboards, signage and other forms of advertising will be immediately removed.”

She also made sure to apologize to her fans for “for any misleading advertising initially associated with the show” and confirmed that she does not support or endorse smoking.”


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