Unique Personalized Search Engine to Exhibit for First Time -Today at Web 2.0 Expo New York

NEW YORK(RUSHPRNEWS) 09/17/2008–Ever felt lost in your online search for that specific something, found yourself muttering “Can I phone a friend?” but don’t want to bother them and don’t know which of your many contacts to call anyway? Sightix, a young Israeli startup exhibiting its social search and mapping platform for the first time at the Web 2.0 Expo booth 1624 today at the Javits Center, aims to take the identity of the searcher and their preferences into account, by filtering search results through the user’s social graph.

Simply put, it’s not WHAT you know but WHO you know. Sightix partners with Social Networking Sites (SNS) such as Facebook, Linked In and My Space to sift through the content of all the searcher’s personal and business connections, ranking the results gleaned from each user based on the strength of their connection to the searcher. According to

Ari Gottesmann, Sightix’s Co-Founder & VP for Business Development, social search will eliminate “generic search results” that may be found with popular search engines such as Google or Yahoo…”making people, rather than content, king.” He explains that if you’re looking for a restaurant, ski resort or even a lawyer, your personal tastes will differ from the rest of the searchers in cyberspace. Sightix’s personalization of the search provides unique results to each user. In this way, Gottesmann claims that there is a greater likelihood that Sightix results will “work for you”, rather than those results produced using a general search engine. Gottesmann continues that the Sightix platform also maps the search results, helping the user to connect with someone in their extended social network.

Sightix will also be giving the first glimpse to the public of it search operating on Shin1, the Israeli networking site used by over half a million Israeli youths as well as a number of other social networks. Shaul Levi, Sightix’s CEO, says that his company now aims to partner with other networking sites worldwide, in the hope of fulfilling industry analysts’ and investors’ predictions of unseating the “Google Giant” as the definitive search solution for Social Networks. “We see ourselves as David in the fight against Goliath. As Israelis, we are fully aware of the biblical result of that battle…and when combined with the amazing high-tech achievements of our tiny country, we’re optimistic”.

For more information on Sightix.com contact:

Ari Gottesmann, 650 799-7154 or at ari@sightix.com

For interviews please contact: Nadia Levene on 917 338 2977

or stop by booth 1624 at the web 2.0 Expo.

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