Uncle Toms for McCain? Not So, Say Black Republicans

black-republican-good-luck-charmBy Richard Ivory and Lenny Mccalister

NEW YORK (RUSHPRNEWS) AUGUST 6, 2008–Although some today view Black Republicans as Uncle Toms attempting to derail “a brother’s” presidential bid in this historic election, the record to date shows that Barack Obama’s downfall, if he loses, in November won’t come from black Republicans. Remember, there are only five of us.

Many people have asked us how could you even think about supporting John McCain after eight years of George Bush? Well such a question is fair and deserves a clear response. So lets start with what matters: the issues.

The Economy

Senator McCain’s position on taxes represents a policy that benefits the new voters coming into the political fold this election season. With the economy in a compromised state at this time, it will take economic leadership that promotes job creation, capital investment, and innovation.

The conservative course of action – low taxes and an economic climate conductive to job creation – is a path that suits young professionals best as they look to cement their places in their corporate careers and family lives. On the other hand, Obama’s plan to roll back the Bush tax cuts, if implemented, runs the high risk of prompting job creators to delay hiring those at need and impacting our challenged economy negatively.

Our economy grows healthier when young Americans – those with the leadership, vision, and spending power – are engaged in the work force more than they are now. Obama’s tax policy fits the campaign season. Senator McCain’s policy looks towards the future to create a path of prosperity for the upcoming generation.


Second, when it comes to energy independence, McCain not Obama is in line with most Americans on off-shore oil drilling. This policy will allow America to become more energy independent and capable, to drive our future without the threat of economic warfare via the foreign oil market and subsequent domestic gas prices.

Because of our current reliance on traditional crude oil, it is unwise in this global climate to keep such a lion’s share of our energy resources in the hands of others. Senator McCain’s stance against Obama’s proposed “windfall tax” on giant oil companies is a sound policy that will work to stimulate the oil companies to invest in new technologies and methods that will improve our current national energy situation, including gas efficiency and air quality.

McCain’s position will prompt employers to tap America’s youth, to infuse talent into their efforts, leveraging a generation of Americans that are increasingly finding engineering and other science-based jobs heading overseas.

Items such as off-shore drilling and investment in business innovation create traditional jobs for the working-class American while exploring new avenues for our young leaders of the 21st century. Obama’s plan to tax the oil companies is a policy that will only prompt those companies to pass on the costs to the consumers – you and me. Our energy independence must grow immediately away from the reliance on foreign oil and towards the innovation, hard work, and investment of resources of the American people.


The third issue is McCain’s ability to combat terrorism in a global society where the war has been frighteningly fought on both foreign soil and on the American homeland. It will take a leader that has the military experience to balance civilian safety and rights and the challenges that occur in war.

Senator McCain is a war hero who lived the human side of war and, having paid a great personal cost for this country, has the better perspective to ensure that many other Americans will not pay such a high price.

With decades of service in both the US Military and the US Senate, Senator McCain has the experience and perspective to position America into a greater position of safety and respect throughout the world.


The next issue is education reform where John McCain understands that what makes America great is the ability of our citizens to receive the best in all facets of our lives due to the ability to compete in a free society.

Unlike his competition, McCain believes that this principle must be applied to the school system in America as well. His support of school vouchers not only allows working families in challenged socioeconomic levels in America to consider better educational choices for their children, but the competition for funding forces lower-performing schools to address gap areas that have impacted students negatively.

Senator McCain knows that talent is being lost in many urban centers across the country today, often due to a failure by our school systems to harness the potential optimally. Senator McCain’s approach separates him from his competition and, if implemented, will facilitate the direction of our talent to the best schools, that will in turn develop that talent and benefit America as a result.

The Role of Government

One issue where the two candidates could not be more different is on the role of government. Over the years minority communities have been the defenders of the principles of limited, effective government, a stance that has been kept by the young generation during each era over recent American history.

For example, African-Americans fought for years for the application of constitutional rule to ensure their rights as American citizens, rights that were disregarded by over-expansive local governments that created more laws to limit the freedom of its citizens. African-Americans fought against bigger government when expansive, liberal ordinances led to restricting voting rights. These Americans never sought to have the presence of government in their lives as a permanent fixture; they always saw that too much government led to restriction of personal freedom.

Minorities have found that a conservative interpretation of laws — an approach that promotes and guarantees equality — has led to community conditions where the content of one’s character is valued over the color of one’s skin. Limited, effective government also encourages business ownership, business growth, healthy but lawful competition, and full inclusion of all citizens into the fabric of America. This way of life is the epitome of what the civil rights movement stood for.

The very big government programs that the presidential competition promotes fly in the face of the historical efforts of minority communities. They understood then what we collectively understand today: that we know how to run our lives with methods for the 21st century better than the bureaucracies of government stuck in the 20th century.

Small Business

Another issue is improving access to African Americans in small business development. The attitude that has allowed America to be the Land of Dreams for its citizens and legal immigrants is one that promotes the success of the small business owner. Many so-called underdogs in our society — minorities, young professionals, and the non-traditionally educated, for example — have found financial stability and personal wealth through the hard work of creating, establishing, and maintaining their own businesses. These businesses provide American consumers the goods we need on a regular basis. And these businesses serve as legacies for future generations to accept and foster as they are passed down from generation to generation.

Senator McCain understands that small business ownership is an avenue that “underdog” voters can take to create their collective place in the American fabric. Because of this, Senator McCain is against any tax increase that would prohibit banks, capital investors, and multi-employed entrepreneurs from investing in small businesses, allowing Americans to take the step from employee to employer and from life-long “wage slave” to legacy-providing owner.

Faith Based Initiatives

And finally a plan that even Obama supports: the faith-based initiatives that were passed under the Bush administration.

Senator McCain understands that the bureaucracy of government is the least efficient structure to provide solutions to the specific needs of communities. He wants the best in our communities because he knows that optimizing the talent and resources in all American neighborhoods benefits our economy, our community safety, and the protection of our American way of life.

The application of the conservative approach of competition, specialized expertise, and freedom to (legally) act on the issues allows for the best equipped resources to address community and moral issues to take hold and affect change. Using faith-based initiatives through churches and other non-profits to address community needs ensures that the most efficient and informed resources interact in a personal, specific manner while also allowing individuals in need to maintain the personal pursuit of happiness that our Declaration of Independence highlights.

There are aspects of our lives that deserve privacy and dignity. Government cannot resolve these personal issues and, further, has no place in knowing these matters. Senator McCain knows this and supports those that work to aid our communities in personal, proficient ways.

Why We Support McCain

These are just a few reason why we black Republicans are supporting McCain. It is not because we seek to derail “a brother’s” presidential chance. There are other issues, if Obama is elected, that Republicans and he can work for such as “back to work initiatives,” safe communities initiatives, homelessness, mental illness, and HIV, among other things.

Despite our party differences, we can all work together to solve these issues. The reasons we support McCain are principled and have to do with our concept of government and our strong belief in the power of the individual.

Despite our commitment to McCain, we would hope that African Americans will have a seat at both tables no matter who wins the presidency. Shelby Steele, a fellow at the Hoover Institute put it this way: “The day the Democrat Party has to worry about the black vote is the day that we will take that first step to full political empowerment.”

And who can argue with that?

Richard Ivory is the editor of HipHopRepublican.com. Lenny Mccalister is a political commentator for Fox News in North Carolina.

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