Delays In the Deployment of UN Peacekeepers Are Killing Darfur

dying baby in darfur

Delays In the Deployment of UN Peacekeepers Are Killing Darfur

NEW YORK(RUSHPRNEWS)10/17/08–Fifteen months after promising desperately needed peacekeepers, helicopters, and other critical resources to help end the mass killings in Darfur, governments have failed to deliver.

donate nowUN-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) peacekeeping troops are still ill-equipped and well below authorized deployment levels. And innocent Darfuri civilians are still being violently murdered, raped, and driven from their villages.

Help support our life-saving effort to protect the people of Darfur by making a gift to our Keep the Promise! Campaign today.

Your donation will support vital Amnesty efforts to bring genuine protection to the still-vulnerable Darfuri people, by ending the flow of arms to Sudan’s regime and pressuring delinquent nations to make good on their promises to fund the UNAMID force.

Millions of New Yorkers are already seeing our hard-hitting new campaign to turn up the pressure.

Amnesty’s demonstration at the opening of the UN General Assembly last month, co-sponsored with 15 other organizations, brought out hundreds of impassioned activists and Darfuri nationals. It was observed by UN staff, government officials, and members of the press. In addition, our dramatic mobile billboards have been touring Manhattan and Harlem neighborhoods, complemented by 100 radio ads, tens of thousands of handbills and postcards across the city, and print ads in The New York Times, Hoy, and El Diario.

But we can’t keep this up without your support. Will you help to bring about an end to the killings in Darfur by making a gift to Amnesty International? Your gift will be deployed immediately to:

* Fund new investigations and stage more public demonstrations
* Pressure UN Security Council and UN member states to fulfill their unmet pledges to UNAMID
* Step up our efforts on Capitol Hill to pressure the UN Security Council to widen the arms embargo from Darfur to all of Sudan

Promises are not enough. We won’t rest until UN member states make good on their commitments to actually protect Darfur. Every gift –$50, $100, $500, or $1,000–helps apply more pressure to stop the killings.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from three decades in the human rights movement, it’s the resilience of the human spirit and the heroic potential of everyday citizens, who bravely stand up to power to make a difference.

I hope you’ll join us.


Larry Cox
Executive Director
Amnesty International USA
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