Ucombo.com Connects Music Lovers

Ucombo.comUcombo.com Connects Music Lovers

Schwenksville, PA – A musical answer to the video sharing mega-phenomenon has finally arrived! Benefito, Inc. is launching a music sharing site called Ucombo.com which allows their users to upload original music tracks and promote them online. The tracks can be heard and downloaded freely on Ucombo.com by the online community, making this the perfect site for music lovers to discover new sounds. Budding solo musicians and struggling garage bands alike can also use this site as an opportunity to showcase undiscovered talents to a worldwide audience. And by welcoming all genres and types of music from all over the world, this site creates the perfect community for musical artists of all nationalities.

The beauty of this site lies in its availability to virtually anyone. From wannabe singers in their teens, solo instrumental artists, to established musicians who just want internet exposure, the website is open to all. By being able to post music free of charge and have an online audience listen to it, aspiring musicians should be able to get helpful critique and constructive criticism. And the site also caters to people who just want to hear and appreciate the music. Within the site, users and visitors can just listen and enjoy the original music completely for free.

Ucombo.com is built to be a free online and open source for all things musical. New musicians can share and promote their fresh innovative music, and the site even creates avenues for collaboration with other users. Artists from all genres, classical, rock, pop and everything else in between have their own place within the site. Already molding itself into being the best site to share music, Ucombo.com is defined by the promotion of new and original music. Setting that distinction in the music scene and trying to inspire more original artists to come out and express themselves gives Ucombo.com its place outside the usual box.

In the ever growing world of online music, Ucombo.com sets the standard for promoting original and innovative new music. And by setting their site online, they appeal to the vast international music scene as well. “Share the Music” is the site’s slogan and also its open call to all musicians who want to put their music out there for the world to hear. With a beta site already up on http://www.ucombo.com, Ucombo.com already has wheels in motion to dominate the music scene.

Benefito Inc.
P.O. Box 74
Schwenksville, PA 19473-1077



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