Two Students Arrested in Campus Gun Prank

BREAKING NEWS: Two Students Arrested at Campus for Joking Around with Paintball Guns- Prank Gone Really Bad Following Virginia Tech Rampage and Dawson College Shooting in Montreal – Students and Staff Not Amused

by Anne Howard for Rush PR News

Montreal, Canada (rushprnews) April 18, 2007 – Two male students age 17 and 18, were arrested at College Saint-Laurent in Montreal yesterday following a 911 call from the security forces on campus.

The two students were seen brandishing guns on campus and aiming at students, causing a great amount of fear in the wake of Montreal’s Dawson College shooting last year where one female student died and numerous others were injured, and two days ago Virginia Tech, a rampage causing the death of 32.  Included among the victims at Virginia Tech was Jocelyne Couture-Novac, a Montréaler teaching French.

 One student at CEGEP Saint-Laurent stated, “this was not a funny joke at all. We are all worried after what happened at Virginia Tech and Dawson. What were they thinking!”.Â

Once stopped by the police at College Saint-Laurent, it was soon realized that the guns were in effect paint-ball toy guns but nevertheless, the students were taken in for custody and spent the day in jail.Â

The 17 year-old will face Juvenile Court Friday, April 20th and has been charged with disturbing the peace and intention to cause harm, the 18 year old will be seen by a judge as an adult in June and has been charged with disturbing the peace. Pranks can often go too far, however, if you’re up for more lighthearted pranks, check out this and their very own prank call app.



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