Twitter – the Invaluable PR Tool

LONDON, UK (Rush PR News) March 18, 2009– Public Relations Agency, Punch Communications, understands the importance of having its finger on the social media pulse and as an agency was amongst the first to adopt and integrate tools such as Twitter, Digg,, Furl and Reddit into its PR strategies.

With a 974% increase in the number of UK users in the past 12 months, the microblogging phenomenon that is Twitter looks set to stay. Long understood by those in the know as an important and innovative social networking tool, now boasts 55 million monthly visitors and is fast hurtling into the mainstream.

As a PR Company, Punch Communications sees Twitter PR as an invaluable tool that should not be ignored. This doesn’t mean that it should be used to hound journalists, but to build up genuine relationships. Forward thinking PR Companies will also understand how twitter can be used effectively for story mining, news seeding and issues tracking. Through software like Twitterfeed, stories can be promoted and pushed out over your network, exposing them immediately to contacts you may never have made without Twitter and, utilising applications such as Twilerts allows you to monitor conversations and track the use of selected keywords

If you can manage to whet a journalist’s appetite within the 140 character limit, you’ll also manage to avoid your PR pitch getting lost in an inbox likely to be receiving hundreds of press releases each day. PR is all about getting creative and Twitter PR can be as effective and useful as you make it.

Punch has also launched a public Wiki site, intended to be used and updated both internally and externally, incorporating details about Useful Twitter Apps and Celebrity Twitterers, respectively.
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