Twitter Rules – Make It Work For You

Rebel Against Twitter Rules – Do What Works For You!

by Jean Ann Van Krevelen

NEW YORK (RushPRNews) 02/10/09-We Tweeple are overly fascinated with Twitter…not that Twitter isn’t a good online marketing tool, it is. But we tend to talk about it like there are clearly defined rules for its use and that there is only one effective brand building strategy. There are multiple ways to use Twitter, at least as many ways as there are micro-cultures on this micro-blog.

I agree that understanding a site’s etiquette will help you build networks and generate quite a lot of good will. But to limit our usage strategy to a relationship-intensive model of engagement is to reserve Twitter only for the people who have an abundance of time on their hands or specialize in online marketing. Deciding what role Twitter, or other time-intensive platforms, plays in your online marketing strategy is your first step to developing a workable plan.

Let’s take a look at few different uses for Twitter, all of which I have seen used successfully to market a product or service.

Traditional Twitter: This user builds out a solid profile, consciously searches out like-minded people, and is a somewhat finicky follower. Each tweet is informative, meaningful or funny. This user spends time connecting via online or in person tweet ups and reaches out through genuine responses. This person has no idea when someone stops following…nor do they care.

Marketing Twitter: This user builds a highly searchable profile bio, then checks their search results on Twitter Grader to find out if they are visible to their target audience. This tweeter uses auto-follow, auto-thanks and auto-notify when someone stops following. Messaging is more traditional “push” content with high repetitive volume.
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Link Builder Twitter: This user connects Twitter to an automated updating platform and posts multiple links to various posts, pictures and video about their product or service. By also connecting Twitter to FriendFeed, they are able to get double the link building bang for the buck. They may or may not have a lot of followers. If they do, chances are high that they have a pre-arrangement that allows them to automatically post updates to their followers accounts or they have agreed to RT (retweet) all pertinent tweets.

SEO Twitter: This user has the latest version of Tweetdeck and has maxed out its global search function. Their bio contains keywords, their posts contain the same keywords and their search is based on those keywords. The result is a highly topical network or multiple topical groups with one network that can also be monitored through Tweetdeck. They also have a blog and/or website built around the same keywords, using the same messages. None of these Tweeters are following the same strategy, yet each of them has found a way to utilize this marketing channel to their advantage. Most of us move back and forth between all of these functions at some point. The critical issue is to do so intentionally and because you feel it is a good fit for your resources and your overall marketing strategy.
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If you want to know which strategies I use, you will have to follow me ( @JeanAnnVK ) on Twitter to find out!

Jean Ann Van Krevelen, President
Escalation Business Consulting

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