Travis Barker Will Spend 2 More Weeks In Hospital

TRAVIS BARKERDJ AM Released over the weekend

NEW YORK (RUSHPRNEWS)09/29/2008--Former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, who was critically injured in a plane crash that killed four others and left DJ AM with severe burns, has to stay 2 more weeks in hospital, according to Jermaine Dupri.

“He’s doing good. He’s gonna be alright. He’s just got a lot of healing to do,” the music producer told

“He’s supposed to send a message out to everybody in a couple of days to let everybody know that he’s feeling better,” JD said. “He’s definitely feeling the love from everyone.”

Dupri said he was shocked when he heard the news that Barker had been in the accident. “I was at home. Somebody called me early in the morning,” he said. “It was kind of crazy, and I didn’t really comprehend what had happened.”

YO! RAPS magazine reports that DJ AM has been released from the Doctors Hospital in Georgia and is returning to Los Angeles, according to his publicist.

“While he is deeply saddened by the events, he is thankful for all of the love and support he has been receiving from fans and friends worldwide,” the rep said. “We ask that you continue to respect his privacy as he rests and heals and mourns the loss of his friends.”


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