Tom Cruise’s Thunder feet

LOS ANGELES, (RUSHRPNEWS) AUGUST 6, 2008–Tom Cruise amazed co-stars with his fancy footwork in ‘Tropic Thunder’. The actor plays a balding computer geek and studio boss in the new comedy, and performs a hip-hop dance for party guests during his brief cameo.

His co-star Robert Downey Jr. said: “He’s a very good, excellent dancer. I’ll tip my hat to Tom.” Cruise famously danced in 1983’s ‘Risky Business’ and apparently hasn’t lost his touch.

Co-star Jack Black added: “The fact that he came in and in six days of shooting made that kind of impact? I’d say per hour, he was the big winner in ‘Tropic Thunder’.”

However, producer, writer and star of the movie Ben Stiller revealed fans will also be shocked by Cruise’s “colourful language” on screen.

The ‘Meet the Parents’ actor added: “We knew we were locked into an R-rating from the language in the beginning of the movie anyway, from all the war movie dialogue. “You just have to do that if you’re doing a war movie. I think a lot of these studio guys talk like that. I know from personal experience. I have heard people in movie studios curse.”


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