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Bloom BrothersBrody to the Max! — Give Adrien Brody’s character in ‘The Brothers Bloom’ a first name and win something, maybe.

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.(RUSHPRNEWS)09/24/2008–Rian Johnson has an up-and-coming hit on his hands with his new movie titled “The Brothers Bloom”, judging from the reception it has received at film festivals already. Early reviews have been splendid, and word of mouth is spreading. It’s a madcap adventure movie about two con artist brothers, Stephen Bloom and his brother, who is just called “Bloom” throughout the entire movie. He sadly doesn’t get a first name in the dialog or the credits.
Enter film enthusiast, blogger and contest maven Danny Bloom, an American living overseas since 1991. He has not seen the movie and will have to wait until the movie comes to Taiwan in late 2009, but in the meantime he is very keen to find out why Adrien Brody’s character does not have a first name.

So using the Internet as a platform, he has created a global contest to ask people around the world to nominate “a good and fitting name” for the Bloom character played by Brody.

Bloom, not Brody, created a blog, sent
out press releases to fellow bloggers and the print media, and he even received an email from director Rian Johnson saying: “I love your concept. Great idea. Sorry for stealing your last name”.

So blogger Bloom is asking people to send in their nominations of names for the character played by Brody. Mark Ruffalo, who plays the other brother Bloom in the movie, does get a first name in the film — “Stephen”. But Brody is just called Bloom throughout the entire movie — go figure — and even director Johnson seems to be at a loss for why this happened. He told one reporter that he did in fact have a first name for Brody’s Bloom but that he never used it in the final film because “it was to silly to mention”. He might have been kidding.

Bloom, Danny Bloom that is, wants to find out what Johnson really had in mind. Why? “Just for fun,” Bloom says. “This contest is just for fun.”

Thus the contest. Go to to view the contest rules, and send in your nominations to

Note: This contest is not sponsored by any studio or publishing company, and has no connection with the producers or the director of “The Brothers Bloom”.

For more information contact Danny Bloom at

Note: The contest is not associated with Rush PR News but is the brainchild of one of its most prolific author, Dan Bloom.  Bloom apparently has a lot of spare time in Taiwan.  Which we all envy him for.

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