This September, the Stock Market is Going Up (or maybe down)

Peter Leeds buttonThis September, the Stock Market is Going Up (or maybe down)
by John Whitefoot for Peter Leeds Inc.

NEW YORK (RUSHPRNEWS ) September 7, 2007– The kids are back in school hoping for an easy week of classes and Wall Street is back in their conservative suites watching the stock market; hoping the doom and gloom days of summer are over. But are they?
I’ve been thumbing through analyst projections and double clicking my way through online financial sites, and the general concession seems to be that the markets are going to go up…or down.

Just a few short months ago analysts were arguing that the markets were going to hit new highs. Others of course were suggesting that the markets were going to tumble. Regardless of your business acumen, your odds of predicting the markets direction are a stellar 50%.

In the end however, nobody really knows. No amount of statistics and number crunching can really predict where the market is going. If you could, you certainly wouldn’t need to flog your prognosticating stock market tools on late night television. The world would be at your doorstep.

But it’s not. The market is made up of investors after all…and despite our ability to invest like lemmings, we can still be an
unpredictable lot.

So, what are some short term predictions for the stock market?
“The global credit crisis that battered world markets should end soon because liquidity crises are short by nature,” said one fund
analyst. He further noted that the markets will probably bottom out between mid-September and mid-October.

Another analyst believes the markets have already bottomed out. “Our qualitative research device shows that business in general is not as poor as everybody would like us to believe,” he said. “If business fundamentals are solid and you have a government that’s willing to step in, that’s the foundation for a solid rally.”

Before you call your broker, you should know that there are some who say the markets are in for a steeper drop. Even if the credit crunch passes without a major catastrophe, they say, the prices of stocks, bonds and real estate have a long way to fall.

But this is September you say, surely investors return to the trenches with some optimism? Oddly enough, September is a month that many investors equate with stock-market declines.

In the past 50 years, the Dow Jones Index has fallen on average 1.2% in September, making it the average’s worst month. Maybe this September will be different. So many investors are bracing themselves for the worst that if things don’t turn out to be so bad stocks could advance.

If that occurs, many professional investors could end up plunging into stocks in an attempt to catch up, sending the market higher still,”says one money manager. “Clients forgive managers who lose on the downside, but if they miss the upside, they’re really toast.”

Regardless, I think most penny stock investors are heading into September a little more exhausted than normal; which is a reflection of market wide uncertainty. But when hasn’t the market had an element of uncertainty?

Some reports say the “days of making easy money is over.” If so, then the frenetic buying frenzy may have to give way to smarter investing; paying closer attention to balance sheets.

This of course is no problem for penny stock investors where strong fundamentals have always been the foundation for growth. Yes, that sounds really obvious, but when you see what some people invest in…you discover it isn’t.

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