Launches OPEN FLY FORUM Launches OPEN FLY FORUMOPEN FLY FORUM: Unzipping The Exciting World of Social Media and New-Media Podcasting

PHOENIX-AZ (RUSHPRNEWS) 08/30/07 – is a uniquely innovative network provider serving a fast growing frontier in the golden world of new-media podcasting. Their national network broadcasts to thousands of local, regional and national communities in the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, selectively offering targeted programs in English and Spanish.

The variety of their MP3 audio includes shows intended to both inform and entertain listeners and subscribers – most of which are free. Founded in 2005, this new-media network serves iPod, MP3 and portable media player owners, through the magic of its 700,000+ unique program feeds. As if this wasn’t enough, recently announced it has launched a new service on its website, appropriately named the OPEN FLY FORUM. This new service allows listeners to upload their own MP3 audio files – absolutely free! “It’s similar to the popular YouTube service, but for audio” – stated Marketing Manager, Allen Goodman.

This new audio podcast service allows individuals to post personal audio files within their own community — such as Music, Comedy, Announcements, Rants, News, Discussion or Interviews. “We are providing our listeners their own personal platform for community-driven social media”, stated Operations Coordinator, Bridget Hornbach.

Original MP3 audio tracks are recorded by an individual then uploaded directly to New-Media Network. After clicking on the Open Fly Forum button, the visitor is guided through a very quick and easy process. The show is immediately available for listeners throughout their targeted community. New Media Network continues to implement a unique business plan by carrying its franchise to small communities across the entire country offering a wide variety in programming. The audiences vary widely – from a college crowd to the general public, business community and entrepreneurs. currently hosts a line of popular programs including: The Woodshed Music Program; Factoid Fred; Rock-N-Roll Legends; Books On The Fly; Unusual Occupations; Reality Religion; More Than A Paycheck; Politically Correct, Full Frontal News; The Rooster Block; Cover-To-Cover; American Duct Tape Girls; Community Profiles and localized sports and news programs hosted by a variety of contributing guests.

Inquiries about customized proprietary podcasts, creative advertising campaigns, innovative show concepts or even becoming a show host on — should be directed by snail-mail to Molly Byrd, at the above mailing address.


Molly Byrd Fly Paper Productions, LLCMedia Group – National Operations Center POB 324 Harrison, OH 45030 USA

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