The Locusts Are Coming to the Silver Screen

Microsoft game  Gears of War to be seen in film adaptation

By Doug Nagy

Los Angeles,(RushPRnews/The Movie Blog)10/30/08–The Movie Blog reported today that the locusts from Gears Of War will be seen in the film adaptation. We get the following scoop from our friends at MTV:”Gears of War” screenwriter Chris Morgan had some good news for gamers hungry for information about the upcoming live-action adaptation of the hit Microsoft game. In addition to all the details spilled today over on, we’re happy to report your favorite heavily armed, flesh-mauling bad guys from underneath the planet’s surface are not only in good hands, but they’re all but assured of appearing on screen.

“I don’t think you would want to see a movie of this game without them in it,” said Morgan of the likelihood that Corpsers, Seeders and, yes, Berserkers, would wreak on-screen havoc in the much-anticipated video game adaptation.

I am not familiar with Gears Of War, so when Locusts are mentioned I picture the winged beasts of biblical plagues. I am guessing that the name may be used for a team of vigilantes or enemies – that is what I glean from the above information anyway.

For those of you that play the Game, please fill me in on who/what the Locusts are and your thoughts on their inclusion.

The graphics for this game are insane, and I am looking forward to seeing if the CGI in the film is just as impressive.

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