The KINGDOM of Obscene Profits

Kingdom of the Crystal SkullLOS ANGELES,(RUSHPRNEWS) AUGUST 20, 2008–When you add up the dollars and cents for the three main architects of Indy’s fourth adventure, it’s not far off the film’s domestic box office gross. Earlier this spring, we speculated about the kind of money George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford could make from the fourth Indiana Jones movie.

With the box office for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull winding down, it would appear that the three main participants are closing in on $100 million… each.

Based on the assumption that once the movie crossed the $400 million mark, Lucas, Spielberg and Ford have each been collecting 25% of the first-dollar gross (out of a total of 82.5% in points parceled out by Paramount in lieu of upfront salary), here’s how the current number shake out:

Current worldwide box office gross: $780,106,671;
Differential to be divvied up: $380,106,671;
Quarter-stake take for Lucas, Spielberg and Ford: $95,026,667.75.

That’s right – a cool $95 million per customer (for a total of $285,080,003), with each of the three Hollywood titans likely crossing the $100 million mark before all is said and done. So, if you happen to notice someone in the Beverly Hills Wilshire corridor with a big goofy smile on their face, odds are they might have something to do with the UTA agents that represent Ford or the CAA group that reps Spielberg, as 10% of $95 million works out to a whole hell of a lot of lunch tabs at The Grill.


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