The Eureka Reporter Endorses McCain for President of the United States

The Eureka Reporter’s Recommendation for President of the United States

By Editorial, The Eureka Reporter (CA)


Article Excerpt:

Eureka,Calif.(RushPRnews)10/30/08-When things go wrong economically there are usually several causes and more than a few people to blame. Voters look for a way to get things back on track. This election presents us with two quite different prescriptions for accomplishing that.


On one side is Sen. Barack Obama, who first attracted large numbers of disaffected and young people with an inspirational message of “change” and “hope,” followed by policy proposals that would take the nation in the direction of European-style “social democracy,” with greatly expanded government involvement in everyone’s daily life.


On the other side is Sen. John McCain, who, in his years in office, has frequently broken with his own party to work across the aisle on solutions he thought right. He understands that we cannot retreat from the world; that U.S. companies must compete globally and we cannot do that effectively with one of the world’s highest business tax rates. He knows that economic growth is the result of steadily expanded investment plus hard work, not of re-slicing a static economic “pie.”


Sen. Obama has promised what he calls a “tax cut” for 95 percent of households. Approximately 44 percent of income tax filers pay no tax so that would mean taxes would increase sharply for those who share most of the burden already. This is income redistribution on a scale never seen before. It would negatively affect many small-business owners. He seems not to appreciate that these businesses are the source of most job creation.


According to the non-partisan National Journal, Sen. Obama compiled the most liberal voting record among all 100 senators last year (Sen. Joe Biden, his running mate, was No. 3). He talks of trade protection which, if implemented, would drive up consumer prices. He could be expected to appoint to the bench judges who would discover new rights in the Constitution. And, he would be pushed by the far-left wing of his party to follow through on an Iraq withdrawal timetable that could jeopardize that country’s current path to peace and stability.


While Sen. Obama is an effective orator, in his short time in the U.S. Senate (as in the Illinois state senate), he has compiled a record that is unremarkable, with no evidence he has worked “across the aisle” on any issue of significance.


Sen. McCain has lived a life devoted to duty, honor, country. In office, he has been independent-minded, often blunt and committed to taking the nation back to basics to solve its problems.


His experience and judgment would lead to economic stability and greater security in a dangerous world.


As another editorialist put it the other day, “Obama’s vision of hope shines like a rainbow; appealing, but just out of reach. McCain’s call to freedom and responsibility is less exciting, but you know it works.”


The Reporter endorses John McCain for president.

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