Terminator To End Ringling Cruelty

 UPDATE: Credit-card giant MasterCard has ended its highly controversial sponsorship of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey CircusSarah Connor Chronicles Star Wants to ‘Terminate’ Ringling Cruelty in Grand Rapids –In New PETA Ad, Lena Headey Comes to Defense of Animals Abused Under the Big Top

Grand Rapids, Mich.(RUSHPRNEWS)09/05/2008 — When she’s not busy trying to save the human race from ruthless robots on TV, actor Lena Headey is fighting in real life to protect animals from ruthless people–who use and abuse them in circuses. The star of Fox’s hit series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has just filmed a new ad for PETA that exposes the cruel and often violent treatment that animals endure under the big top. Headey’s ad will air in Grand Rapids on WXMI-TV during the program’s season premiere at 8 p.m. on September 8.

In the 30-second TV spot, which can be seen here, Headey says, “Circus trainers often force elephants, bears, tigers, and other animals to perform tricks by beating and whipping them, shocking them with electric prods, and jabbing holes in their skin with sharp metal hooks. When they’re not in the spotlight, these animals are kept chained or locked away in cages where they spend the majority of their lives. And that’s no life at all. Please don’t support circuses that use animals.”

Headey, a life-long animal lover, learned about circus cruelty after watching a documentary about a group of lions who had been held captive since they were babies. Born in the U.K. and now residing in Los Angeles, Headey made Maxim’s 2007 “Hot 100” list and has appeared in The Brothers Grimm, Possession, The Remains of the Day, and the 2006 box-office smash 300 as Queen Gorgo.

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