Summer Time and The Swagging is Easy

Whatever the reason, swag is always in season

By Karen Loftus

HOLLYWOOD (RUSHPRNEWS) 8/5/08 – If there’s one thing LA can’t get enough of, it’s the repeat or the sequel. If you liked it, even a little bit, or better yet, if you showed up for it, then expect it to come back at ya’ again and again and again.

Swag in this cinematic town is no different. It doesn’t need to be high season or big awards season to show its freebie face and when it comes around every one is town comes a running.

The celeb suites have more significance than the free rhinestone-studded cell phone case. It gives the small businessman, who cannot afford LeBron James’ breakfast, a chance to play the game and be part of the sports and TV scene – maybe a photo opp with a star with whom they couldn’t do an endorsement deal, even putting in 10 years of their sunscreen income, or a mention in a newspaper, like we do here. At HT, we are offered enough shampoo and mineral water for the century, but we actually feel its more important not to let Nike and Ford Motors to own every celebrity.

Although this summer is a seemingly low season for swag, it is high season for sun, sand, sport and your basic BQ and clambake. So, this season swag was served alongside the summers best barbecues, seaside parties and sporting events.

Here’s a quick pic of who showed up where and who snagged what swag.

Its not whether you win or lose the game, its how you swag that counts

ESPN stormed in to town (the land of the LA) for their annual sporty summer fest with JT at the helm kicking it old school, a true playa flexing his funny with a Jessica and Tony cameo.

Pre JT, the real game took place at The Standard Hotel in downtown LA. This sleek boutique hotel’s security was so tight you had to be benching 350 just to get past the beefy bodyguard with the bad attitude. Luckily a plucky, thin intern walked by and vouched for my game.

Once in and upstairs at the ESPYS Style Studio, it was… Let the games begin! At the helm was Johnny Ward and the gang from MMG, who have now run the Style Studio for the past three years (and additionally are the owners & operators of The Style VillaTM, the hottest daytime destination during the MTV Video Music Awards weekend and Super Bowl). They along with the always-fashionable NaAmka Milima with ESPN put on their best ESPYS suite yet.

A personal fave Under Armour, a Baltimore based sporty clothing line run by an Ex Terp, a University of Maryland grad & my alma mater, had his crew there in full force dishing out the goods to guys and gals. This sporty clothing line has quickly become the go to gear for players both on and off the field. Their line is lightweight, sweat absorbent and super sleek.
Retro Brand was slipping their tiny T’s on the Kardashian crew while RedPepper denim was holding court in the fashion department with their Japanese denim for men and women. This line is huge in Asia and ready for the celeb set. You know it’s good line when you can’t decide which pair you want. They’re hot and my girl working the booth was uber cool. Look for this line!

Marchon had Karl Lagerfeld shades that were simple and sleek while International Watch Company had fashion forward manly watches made for a woman. They stopped me in my fashion tracks. They were big and bold (some in bright colors) and seriously ready for their close up.
There were plenty of sexy, tech toys from the fierce Skull Candy Headphones, Blue microphones “snowflake” usb microphone for home or for travel for your players on the road and mStation 2.1 Orbs now available in bright modern colors.
TIGI Bed Head had goodies for the hair and Pure Power had a mouth guard that I put to the test. Apparently, if you wear this, as many athletes do, your performance, strength, and flexibility is off the chart. So if you want to up your game, put your money where your mouth is.

I missed the Greg Norman sparkling wine, but caught the kefir yogurt, as did Mario Lopez who couldn’t get enough of the healthy drink. I left with a Lotus vodka cocktail and a cabana boy who carried my goodies out in the HUGE Undefeated Duffle Bag. Score!

Summer, Sand and Swag
Memorial Day weekend means a mass exodus out of Manhattan and in to The Hamptons. No New Yorker would be caught dead in the city suits on the weekend in the summer. The same goes for the land of the LA and the celluloid savvy celebs. The young and the trendy celeb set, head to the Bu (Malibu) come Saturday for a bit of fun and sun in the summer. They park it in the land of the decadent at one of the seaside branded mansions (Polaroid, Project, DKNY).

In July, The Project House hosted the annual Lia Sophia clambake where every one had lobster and truffle fries with a serious side of Lia beads, baubles and bracelets. The celeb set was told to come sans jewelry, a la naked, (not a stretch) in the jewels department, and once there, would be donned, to say the least.

Lia’s designer Dani Stahl has a great eye and fierce execution. She puts out signature, statement making, and eye-catching pieces each season. Celebs Kate (get me off Grey’s) Heigl, seductive Sienna, the indie spirit Taryn Manning, (Desperately seeking Susan) Teri Hatcher and The Hills have literally been inhaling Lia for a few seasons now, be it at Sundance or The MTV VMA’s, they simply can’t get enough.

This summer was no different. The Kardashian crew cleaned up with literally thousands of dollars worth of Lia goodies. Fellow celebutante, the siren of swag and the reigning queen of all things free, our very own Paris was putting on a show trying on her many, many jewels and posing up a storm with or without a camera on hand.

Whether it’s sun or sand, sports or awards, there will always be swag.


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