Summer 2007 Sizzling with New Films

Cinema 2007Summer 2007 Sizzling with New Films 
by Anne Howard for Rush PR News
news source: IMDB 

New York,NY (rushprnews) May 10, 2007- Here is a compilation of summer 2007 films coming up to a theatre near you . From dark comedy to light drama and documentaries, summer 2007 announces itself to be eventful and with record-breaking heat waves on the forecast, a cool cinema afternoon is what the critics ordered. 

MAY 18
BROOKLYN RULES: Three neighborhood buddies go their separate ways during the rise of mobster John Gotti. (City Lights Pictures)

CAPTIVITY: Those snuff billboards they had to take down were probably the main show. For the record, this exercise in sado-porn horror stars “24’s” Elisha Cuthbert and was directed by, of all people, “The Killing Fields’ ” Roland Joffe. (After Dark)

DAY NIGHT DAY NIGHT: A young, female suicide bomber gets ready to hit Times Square. (IFC)

EVEN MONEY: The lives of gambling addicts, starring Kim Basinger, Danny DeVito, Kelsey Grammer, Carla Gugino and Forest Whitaker. (Yari)

FAY GRIM: Parker Posey is a single mom who gets embroiled in international intrigue. (Magnolia)

s latest sensitivity-trained search for humor involves an Iowa girl and some helpful producers. (Rainbow Releasing)
IN SEARCH OF MOZART: Said to be the first feature-length documentary about the great, trouble-prone composer. (Direct Cinema Limited)

ONCE: The Frames’ Glen Hansard is a Dublin busker who cuts a record with a mysterious Czech woman. Sort of a neo-realist musical, if you can imagine such a thing. (Fox Searchlight)

PARIS JE T’AIME: Directors and actors from all over the world made a series of short films, each set in a different district of the French capital. (First Look)

SHREK THE THIRD: Shrek goes on a quest to find a new king. While he’s gone, Prince Charming stages a coup, and it’s up to the princesses to break out the whoopin’ stick. (Paramount/DreamWorks)

THE WENDELL BAKER STORY: Wilson brothers Luke and Andrew wrote and directed this offbeat comedy about an ex-con trying to save a retirement home. Owen Wilson has a small part. (THINKFilm)
MAY 25
ANGEL-A: Petty thief meets mystery woman in this Luc Besson-directed noir. (Sony Pictures Classics)

BUG: Ashley Judd woman-in-peril movie. (Lionsgate)

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD’S END: Since it’s clocking in at nearly 3 hours, it’s safe to say this movie will tie up loose ends and challenge kids’ bladders the world over. Lay off the rum before viewing. (Touchstone)

POISON FRIENDS: Fellowship and pathological manipulation at a French university. (Strand)

SEVERANCE: International weapons concern has to cut some personnel, pursues a downsizing policy involving its own products. (Magnolia)
BAMAKO: The struggles of a Mali couple mirror those of the African continent. (New Yorker)

CHASING THE DREAM: Surfing documentary. (Metal-Storm Entertainment)

DAY WATCH: Sequel to the Russian vampire epic “Night Watch.” (Fox Searchlight)

GOLDEN DOOR: Sicilian immigrants reach Ellis Island. (Miramax)

GRACIE: Davis Guggenheim (“An Inconvenient Truth”) directs this story of a teen girl who dreams of playing competitive soccer. Based on the life of Guggenheim’s wife, Elisabeth Shue, who stars, along with her brother, Andrew. (Picturehouse)

KNOCKED UP: Judd Apatow follows “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” with this comedy about the fallout from an unlikely one-night stand between a stoner dude (Seth Rogen) and a Type A TV career girl (Katherine Heigl). (Universal)

MEMORIES OF TOMORROW: Japanese Alzheimer’s drama. (Eleven Arts)

MR. BROOKS: Nice guy moonlights as a serial killer. Kevin Costner stars, with Demi Moore playing the cop trying to track him down. (MGM)

PIERREPOINT: THE LAST HANGMAN: Timothy Spall plays Britain’s final state executioner. (IFC)

PAPRIKA: A stolen dream-altering machine leads to all kinds of chaos in this anime feature by Japanese master Satoshi Kon. (Sony Classics)

SHOWBUSINESS: THE ROAD TO BROADWAY Documentary charts the development of a number of major productions (“Wicked,” “Avenue Q,” “Caroline, or Change”) from the 2003-04 Broadway season. (Regent)

WHAT THE SNOW BRINGS: Japanese horse-racing drama. (Eleven Arts)
CRAZY LOVE: Documentary about a New York couple who’ve stuck together through thick and thin … and him throwing acid in her face. (Magnolia)

FLANDERS: Can love save a man from barbarity? That’s the question in Bruno Dumont’s latest, which won the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes last year. (International Film Circuit)

HOSTEL: PART II: More torturous fun abroad courtesy of director Eli Roth. (Lionsgate)

LA VIE EN ROSE: Biopic of French singer Edith Piaf. (Picturehouse)

OCEAN’S THIRTEEN: The gang regroups for another heist — and, hopefully, another box-office killing. (Warner Bros.)

SURF’S UP: Surfing cartoon penguins! Before you puke, know that this animated comedy was made in a cleverer-than-usual mockumentary format and features such hip and cool voice talent as Shia LaBeouf, Zooey Deschanel and the original Dude himself, Jeff Bridges. (Columbia)
EAGLE VS. SHARK: Two lovelorn geeks meet at a New Zealand costume party. (Miramax)

FANTASTIC FOUR: THE RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER: The same folks who ruined Marvel’s best comic book are back, along with one of the most beloved (and dead-serious) characters in the whole superhero universe. We’ll see if they can redeem themselves. (20th Century Fox)

FIDO: Zombies are among us, but they’ve been domesticated. Or have they? (Lionsgate)
NANCY DREW: The girl sleuth solves a Hollywood mystery — and no, it’s not how Julia Roberts’ niece Emma got this part. (Warner Bros.)
AMU: American woman visits her hometown in India, discovers evidence of genocide. (Emerging Pictures)

BLACK SHEEP: Things get wild and, um, woolly when sheep take over New Zealand. (IFC First Take)

BROKEN ENGLISH: Parker Posey again, this time playing a mate-hunting single for first-time writer-director Zoe Cassavetes (yes, she’s John’s daughter). (Magnolia)
CASTING ABOUT: Documentary about casting actresses. Couches optional. (Kino)

D.O.A.: DEAD OR ALIVE: Sounds like “Enter the Dragon,” all-girl style. Jaime Pressly and Devon Aoki are two of the warrior contestants. (Weinstein/Dimension)

EVAN ALMIGHTY: God (Morgan Freeman) tells Steve Carell to build an ark in this big-budget sequel to “Bruce Almighty.” We pray it’s funny. (Universal)

LADY CHATTERLEY: French version of the once-scandalous D.H. Lawrence novel. (Kino)

A MIGHTY HEART: Biopic of Wall Street Journal writer Daniel Pearl, covering his kidnapping and eventual murder in Pakistan. Based on the memoirs of Pearl’s wife, Mariane, who is played in the film by Angelina Jolie. Michael Winterbottom directs. (Paramount Vantage)

SEPTEMBER DAWN: Controversial dramatization of the Mormon massacre of an 1850s wagon train. (Black Diamond Pictures)

STRIKE: “Tin Drum” director Volker Schlondorff looks at Poland’s Solidarity movement. (Laemmle/Zeller)

12:O8 EAST OF BUCHAREST: A bunch of losers get together on TV to reminisce about their “heroic” actions during the overthrow of Romania’s communist dictator. It’s a black comedy, if you hadn’t guessed. (Tartan)

YOU KILL ME: Ben Kingsley does the sexy beast thing again. (IFC)
LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD: Bruce Willis strives to keep the fourth installment of his action movie franchise relevant by taking on a cyberterrorist (“Deadwood’s” Timothy Olyphant) and a nerd sidekick (Mac commercials’ Justin Long) … oh, and Len Wiseman, the director of those “Underworld” movies the kids inexplicably like so much. (20th Century Fox)
DEATH AT A FUNERAL: A British wake goes awry. (Sidney Kimmel Entertainment)

EVENING: Dying woman passes romantic wisdom down to her daughters. Check out this cast: Vanessa Redgrave, her real-life daughter Natasha Richardson, Toni Collette, Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Claire Danes. Michael Cunningham (“The Hours”) adapted Susan Minot’s novel. (Focus)

GYPSY CARAVAN: Albert Maysles shot this doc about gypsy music. (Shadow Distribution)

RATATOUILLE: Pixar’s latest follows a French rat who dreams of being a top Parisian chef. Brad Bird (“The Incredibles”) directs. (Disney)

THE REAL DIRT ON FARMER JOHN: Documentary about a rebel farmer. (CAVU Pictures)

VITUS: Swiss piano prodigy just wants to fly. (Sony Pictures Classics)

THE BOSS OF IT ALL: Danish provocateur Lars von Trier’s latest involves corporate takeovers and imaginary owners. (IFC)

CUT SLEEVE BOYS: They’re British, Chinese and gay. (Regent)

KLIMT: John Malkovich plays the great Austrian artist for director Raul Ruiz. (Outsider)

LOOKING FOR CHEYENNE: French lesbian seeks her lost love. (Regent)
INTRODUCING THE DWIGHTS: Aussie mom tries to keep son’s new girlfriend from taking her “boy” away from her. (Warner Independent)
LICENSE TO WED: Robin Williams is an overzealous minister who gives marriage training lessons to engaged couple Mandy Moore and “The Office’s” John Krasinski. (Warner Bros.)

RESCUE DAWN: Werner Herzog revisits the great-escape story of U.S. Navy pilot Dieter Dengler, whom he profiled in a doc 10 years ago. Christian Bale stars as Dengler, a man remarkably optimistic for someone shot down over Laos in the early days of Vietnam. (MGM)

TRANSFORMERS: Michael Bay opens his toy box for this merchandising tie-in tale about warring robot races. Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox play the humans caught in the middle. (Paramount)
JOSHUA: Child prodigy becomes jealous of his new baby sister. (Fox Searchlight)
MANUFACTURED LANDSCAPES: Documentary about Edward Burtynsky’s industrial-themed photography. (Zeitgeist)
DYNAMITE WARRIOR: Thai fighter takes on cattle rustlers! (Magnolia)
1408: That’s the number of a haunted hotel room. John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson do the Stephen King thing. (Weinstein/Dimension)

GHOSTS OF CITE SOLEIL: A documentary about Haitian drug lords. Wycleaf Jean did the score. (THINKFilm)

HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX: The wizard kids grow more rebellious as they realize that the schooling establishment isn’t teaching them all they need to fight dark forces. Don’t know if they resort to binge drinking or staging anti-war protests. The last 20 minutes will be in 3-D at IMAX screenings. (Warner Bros.)

INTERVIEW: Journalist spars with soap star, starring Steve Buscemi and Sienna Miller. Buscemi directs. (Sony Pictures Classics)

LIGHTS IN THE DUSK: Night watchman takes the fall for a robbery in this conclusion to Finnish filmmaker Aki Kaurismaki’s trilogy that includes “Drifting Clouds” and “The Man Without a Past.” (Strand)

MY BEST FRIEND: Morose art dealer must convince business partner he has a best friend or risk losing a high-stakes bet. The latest from French director Patrice Leconte. (IFC)

THE STRANGERS: Suburbanites deal with masked men. (Rogue)

TALK TO ME: Don Cheadle plays pioneering radio personality Ralph Waldo “Petey” Greene. (Focus)
ARCTIC TALE: “March of the Penguins” meets “An Inconvenient Truth” in this kids’ doc from the folks at National Geographic. (Paramount Vantage)

CASHBACK: Insomniac who works the late shift at a supermarket imagines he can stop time. (Magnolia)

FIERCE PEOPLE: Rich folks in New Jersey can be pretty savage. Diane Lane and Donald Sutherland star. (After Dark)

GOYA’S GHOSTS: Painter Francisco Goya’s life and art serve as a backdrop for Milos Forman’s latest. Javier Bardem and Natalie Portman star. (Goldwyn)

HAIRSPRAY: The movie of the musical based on the movie that was a musical. Got that? John Travolta in drag, Michelle Pfeiffer, Queen Latifah, Christopher Walken, Amanda Bynes. (New Line)

I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY: Straight firefighters pretend they’re gay lovers for insurance reasons. Adam Sandler and Kevin James star. (Universal)

IN MY FATHER’S DEN: A troubled war correspondent is suspected when a girl goes missing. It’s from New Zealand. (Tartan)
GANDHI, MY FATHER: An Indian film, in case you hadn’t guessed. (Eros)

I KNOW WHO KILLED ME: Lindsay Lohan learned to pole dance for this serial-killer thriller. We’re there! (TriStar)

MOLIERE: Adventures of the naughty 17th-century playwright. (Sony Classics)

NO RESERVATIONS: Remake of German restaurant-set romantic comedy “Mostly Martha” with Catherine Zeta-Jones, Aaron Eckhart and “Little Miss Sunshine” herself, Abigail Breslin. (Warner Bros.)

THE SIMPSONS MOVIE: America’s favorite dysfunctional ‘toon family finally makes it to the big screen. (20th Century Fox)

SKINWALKERS: Motorcycle-riding werewolves. What more do you need to know? (Lionsgate/After Dark)

SMILEY FACE: Billed as an “After Hours” for the new millennium. Gregg Araki does not equal Martin Scorsese, though, so take those expectations down a peg. (First Look)

DRAMA/MEX: Like the title says, two emotion-charged stories unfold in Acapulco. (IFC)

EXILED: Johnnie to Hong Kong hit-man extravaganza. (Magnolia)
FAT GIRLS: Gay teen and fat friend deal with the horrors of high school in rural Texas. (Regent)

NAMING NUMBER TWO: Fijian family comedy. Or drama. Not sure, but I do know that it needs a different title. (Cyan Pictures)
AUG. 1
EL CANTANTE: J.Lo and longtime husband Marc Anthony star in this biography of Puerto Rican salsa pioneer Hector Lavoe. (Picturehouse)
AUG. 3
BECOMING JANE: Young Jane Austen (“The Devil Wears Prada’s” Anne Hathaway) has a fling with an Irish rogue (“Last King of Scotland’s” James McAvoy). (Miramax)

THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM: Bourne wants to know the truth about his identity; his keepers want him dead. Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass return. (Universal)

CHARLIE BARTLETT: Kid makes a killing dispensing prescription drugs — and psychiatric advice — to his fellow students. (Sidney Kimmel Entertainment)

HOT ROD: Stuntman dude wants to jump 15 buses so his abusive stepfather can have successful heart surgery. After that, apparently, dude wants to punch stepfather in the face. It’s a comedy. (Paramount)

NO END IN SIGHT: Policy wonks talk about the mess in Iraq. (Magnolia)

ONE TO ANOTHER: Sister and brother have a weird thing going on. (Strand)

THE TEN: The very funny Paul Rudd stars in this comic look at the Ten Commandments. Includes a segment with Winona Ryder tackling “thou shalt not steal.” (THINKFilm)

UNDERDOG: The cartoon dog is now a live-action beagle, still charged with safekeeping the citizens of Capitol City. (Disney)
AUG. 10
BRATZ: THE MOVIE: Every girl’s favorite skanky doll line now has a movie. And the angels wept. (Lionsgate)

DADDY DAY CAMP: Sequel to family comedy abomination “Daddy Day Care,” with Cuba Gooding Jr., who has an Oscar, substituting for Eddie Murphy, who still does not. (TriStar)

ROCKET SCIENCE: High-schooler falls for debate girl, learns many lessons. (Picturehouse)

RUSH HOUR 3: Check-cashing time again for Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan and director Brett Ratner. (New Line)

THE SIGNAL: Three different directors each made a part of this dystopian urban thriller. (Magnolia)

STARDUST: Englishman goes on quest to retrieve a fallen star of the celestial variety (played by Claire Danes) in this adaptation of Neil Gaman’s graphic novel. (Paramount)

2 DAYS IN PARIS: New York couple go to Europe to salvage marriage; comic complications ensue. With Julie Delpy and Adam Goldberg. (Goldwyn)
AUG. 17
THE INVASION: Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig in the umpteenth remake of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” (Warner Bros.)

THE KING OF KONG: Dudes compete for Donkey Kong high score. (Picturehouse)

PENELOPE: A young woman must marry one of her “own kind” to break a long-standing curse in this oft-delayed fable starring Christina Ricci. (IFC)

SIETE DIAS: A Mexican gambler tries to stage a U2 concert. (Xenon)
SUPERBAD: The “Knocked Up” team of Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow had something to do with this comedy about teenage boys trying to get a couple of girls drunk. (Columbia)
WEDDING DAZE: Jason Biggs and Isla Fisher meet — and instantly marry. (MGM)
AUG. 24
THE COMEBACKS: Spoof of inspirational sports movies. (Fox Atomic)

GOOD LUCK CHUCK: Dane Cook plays Chuck, a dentist saddled with a curse — women marry the man they sleep with after they sleep with Chuck. Hey, at least the guy’s getting some action. (Lionsgate)

THE HOTTEST STATE: A tale of first love, written and directed by Ethan Hawke. (THINKFilm)

RESURRECTING THE CHAMP: A sportswriter thinks he has hit the mother lode when he meets a homeless man who claims to be an ex-champion boxer. Complications ensue. With Josh Hartnett and Samuel L. Jackson. (Yari)
AUG. 31
BORDERTOWN: J.Lo plays a newspaper reporter (uh-oh) investigating the disappearance of hundreds of women in Juarez, Mexico. Antonio Banderas heats things up as the love interest. (THINKFilm)

THE BROTHERS SOLOMON: Wills Forte and Arnett are socially inept siblings seeking spouses. (Screen Gems)

DEATH SENTENCE: Kevin Bacon goes Bronson when his oldest son is killed in a gang initiation. (20th Century Fox)

HALLOWEEN: As reinterpreted through the delicate directorial sensibilities of Rob Zombie. (Weinstein/Dimension)

MR. BEAN’S HOLIDAY: In which the world’s least-funny human being, Rowan Atkinson, inflicts more comic punishment upon the world. (Universal)

WRISTCUTTERS: A LOVE STORY: Young suicides seek romance in the afterlife. (After Dark)
SUMMER UNSCHEDULED ELEVEN MEN OUT: They’re Icelandic, soccer players and gay. (Regent)

LADRON QUE ROBA A LADRON: Heist comedy with immigrants. (Lionsgate)
SICKO: Michael Moore examines America’s healthcare system. We’re guessing he finds it ailing. (Weinstein)

THIS IS ENGLAND: Skinheads do hate crimes in 1980s Britain. (IFC)

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