Stud of the Day: Olympic Champion Federica Pellegrini

Female Physique of the Day: Federica Pellegrini, Photos

BEIJIND (RUSHPRNEWS) AUGUST 14, 2008--Federica Pellegrini of Italy won the 200m freestyle at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in 1minute, 54.82 seconds, lowering her own world record (1:55.45) set a day earlier.

In one of the brief moments where Michael Phelps wasn’t dominating the Olympic pool, Italian swimmer Federica Pellegrini not only clinched the gold medal in the women’s 200m freestyle but also broke her own world record, set at the European championships earlier this year. Federica’s gold-medal win edged out American favorite and recurring fourth-place finisher Katie Hoff.

But she’s not just a super Olympian: Under that heinous swim cap and aerodynamic (but seriously unflattering) swimsuit lies a super hottie. Federica sports a bad ass Angelina-Jolie-in-Wanted-like tattoo that runs down her neck from her left ear to her shoulder. The tat is way cooler than the Olympic rings a lot of athletes are sporting this year.

And thanks to one of those overly sentimental behind-the-scenes-with-the-athletes packages that NBC is running every five minutes, we learned that Federica is currently dating the ex-boyfriend of rival French swimmer Laure Manaudou. It’s so Days of Our Lives!

When Pellegrini isn’t smashing world records, the 20-year-old swimming phenom is also an Italian cover girl.

Now it’s your turn! Nominate your own Olympic Stud of the Day. Not just a man or woman who turns us on. (Necessarily.)

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