Stop the Slaughtering of Innocent Elephants

NEW YORK (RPRN) 7/23/2009–Recently, Kenyan Wildlife Authorities seized $1 million worth of elephant tusks hidden in coffins that were bound for illegal ivory markets in Asia.Demand a permanent ban on all ivory sales by signing the petition today! »

Ever since members of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) allowed a limited legal ivory trade, there has been a growing demand in tusks. This has lead to skyrocketing rates of illegal poaching, and unless sales are permanently banned, elephants are likely to go extinct.

Despite heightened efforts from wildlife authorities to protect the animals, poachers are still slaughtering hundreds of elephants annually — further threatening the already endangered populations.

Current laws allow permitted countries to participate in periodic sales of ivory. This needs to stop once and for all. Now is the time to permanently ban the trade of ivory and end the senseless slaughtering. »

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Stop the Slaughtering of Innocent Animals
Permanently Ban The Sale Of All Ivory
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Elephants already face a monumental burden due to climate change and habitat loss, but with a resurgence in illegal ivory trade, we may lose the species forever.

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