Spice Girls Hotter Than Ever

SPICE GIRLSSpice Girls Talk About First Real Show in 9 Years
Critics rave on first concert of tour with Fem Five since 1998, TV performance tonight on CBS Victoria’s Secret Special
By Judith Orr for Hollywood today

HOLLYWOOD, CA (RUSHPRNEWS) December 5, 2007 — “The funny thing is it felt the most natural thing in the world, it didn’t feel like 10 years” said Geri Halliwell, whose departure from the wildly popular Spice Girls in 1998 led to an eventual breakup of the group and was the top entertainment story of that year. She’s back, along with her fellow condiments, who have been making headlines of their own lately.

“It was really easy. We’ve experienced something so unique and special, only these other four women know what it feels like, so you value that relationship and appreciate it as well,” Halliwell told the media in Vancouver, where the group played their first full set since last century.

“We all feel so lucky,” said Baby Spice Emma Bunton, who just had a baby. “We have been through amazing experiences and we looked at each other and said ‘Guess what? We’re the Spice Girls!’ And it’s a fabulous thing. We love it.”

The critics loved it too. “It appears the Spice Girls haven’t lost their kitschy cool pop idol appeal, said the Vancouver Sun. “Just like 10 years ago, the show wasn’t about great singing or dancing. But it was about great entertainment.”

The Canada Globe and Mail wrote: “The Spice Girls wowed fans with a tightly-staged and choreographed show.” The Evening Standard added “There seems no diminution in the energy they are prepared to expend, or the lengths they will go to please the audience.”

Yet the Vancouver show Dec. 2 and tonight’s performance in San Jose wasn’t really the first show after three weeks of rehearsals in Los Angeles. That honor went to the taping of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show two weeks ago at the Kodak Theatre in L.A. – and airs tonight on CBS after heavy promotion.

The taping of the show attracted a serious bevy of stars to catch the Spicy Ones as well as acts like Seal and Will.I.Am who opens the TV special with the song “Heartbreaker.”

The fashion extravaganza features a runway presentation celebrating all things “SEXY”. On the side of the stage flashing marquee lights display the word “SEXY” multiple times, as if we needed is spelled out.

Many of the ultra sexy outfits are embellished with Swarovski Elements. Selita Ebanks models the $4.5 million Very Sexy Holiday Fantasy Bra Gift Set, designed by jeweler Mouawad for Victoria’s Secret.

In the front row, Heroes star Hayden Panetierre, gorgeous as always will be wearing a striking black and white dress by Herve Legere. Close by and wearing a very short tan Cavalli dress is Desperate Housewives, Eva Langoria Parker, accompanied by her hairstylist, Ken Paves.
Sitting next to Eva, Ryan Seacrest said “I’m in love with Victoria Beckham but that is probably a problem for David.” Other elite guests to the gala event are Orlando Bloom, Enrique Inglesias, Gary Dourdan, Dean Cain, Slash, Ana Ortiz, Eric Mabius, Josh Groban, Brandon Boyd of Incubus, Marcus Allen, Gabrielle Union, Jessica Simpson, and Paz Vega.
Michael Bay (Executive Producer and Director of Transformers) said “I did some of the original commercials for Victoria’s Secret when they were much racier. Their bra sales actually doubled at that time.”

The Spice Girls first premise for the song “Stop” is military with army-influenced attire. Even their dancers are dressed as army privates. Wearing long flowing elegant gowns their second song is a ballad from their new CD called “Headline (Friendship Never Ends).” The CD “Spice Girls: Greatest Hits” featuring Victoria Beckham, Mel B., Emma Bunton, Melanie C. and Geri Halliwell, is available exclusively at Victoria’s Secret Stores.
Animal Attraction is the opening theme of the show. Animal printed lingerie has a whole new twist in these outfits. Large Giraffe patterns make up one especially eye-catching outfit. Going along with the “Angels” theme, a pair of antler horns morph into colossal wings. The Sexy, Supermodel “Angels” glide down the catwalk dramatically in the next theme called Age Of Elegance bearing enormous feathered, metallic, beaded or bejeweled wings or long trailing, satin, metallic, crystal or feathered trains that continue to appear throughout the show in unique incarnations.
Usually placid Supermodels play with and tease the audience as they slither down the runway. Pink is the next theme followed by Rome Antique and Surreally Sexy. The striking models impressively sashay down the silver-glittered runway like human parade floats in elaborately adorned costumes.
The show takes us through 60 looks, within six different themes, while still tying in the Angel Motif. After the Spice Girls performance of “Headline (Friendship Never Ends).” Seamlessly guiding us to the final theme, Deck the Halls is the “Inspirational Voices of Free” choir inspiring the audience while singing “Celebrate Your Life”, as they dance and sing their way toward the massive Christmas tree on the stage!
Heidi Klum looks sleek (although she recently gave birth), while joining other Victoria’s Secret Supermodels Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Izabel Goulart, Karolina Kurtkova and Selita Ebanks, Marissa Miranda Kerr, and many more.
Highlighting the show is Heidi Klum’s husband, the charismatic Seal sporting a magnificently sparkling Crystal suit as he sings “I Want You To Always Feel Amazing.” Joining him in the song is Heidi as she saunters toward him down the runway. The song culminates in a soulful, loving kiss between them that sets the audience cooing.
Award Winning Scottish actor, Gerard Butler, star of “300” said, “I had a blast, the show was fun, sexy and exciting.”
Dancing With the Stars, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, dancing partner of Mel B. (Scary Spice) was looking quite elegant at the after-party. He is even hotter in person! It’s amazing how many people had the nerve to dance their hearts out (and not too successfully) almost directly in front of him. Oh well, he was obviously just getting a kick out of being there like the rest of us., at least he was smiling broadly whenever we looked at him.
Fast forward to the Spice Girls press meet in Vancouver where Posh had this to say “David feels like he’s married to all five (of us),” said Beckham seated at a large conference table with the other four Spice Girls doing roundtable interviews.

“He hasn’t been at any of the rehearsals ’cause he’s been away working, so I’m nervous about what he’s going to think about the show, I really am, but excited as well.”
“You have to have real balls of steel to be with us five girls, I have to say,” added Halliwell.

“Because they have to love us all,” concluded Baby Spice, confirming the girls were back where they were before the decade of rancor.

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