Spector’s 4th Lawyer Quits, Britney Takes First Steps to Getting Kids Back

BRITNEY AND FEDERLINE IN HAPPIER DAYSSpector’s 4th Lawyer Quits, Britney Takes First Steps to Getting Kids Back
L.A. courthouses buzzing Wednesday with music celebrities gone south
By Jeffrey Jolson for HOLLYWOOD TODAY

HOLLYWOOD, CA (RUSHPRNEWS) October 4, 2007 — Kevin Federline, wearing an eye-patch and sunglasses, appeared in court yesterday in continued custody hearings, though Britney Spears did not. She was at the DMV getting a driving license, just one of the many things the family court is monitoring to see if they will give her back Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1.

On Monday, the court ordered temporary custody to Federline Spears failed to produce a California driver’s license and allegedly missed a drug and alcohol test as ordered by the court, her lawyer, Sorrell Trope, told reporters.

Across town in another courtroom, Phil Spector’s lead attorneys told a judge on Wednesday they were quitting the case, delaying music producer’s murder retrial for several months while he assembles a new defense team.

This is the fourth time a lead lawyer in the Spector saga has quit, from Robert Shapiro, to Leslie Abramson to Bruce Cutler to Roger Rosen.

Prosecutors have said they will try Spector again for the 2003 shooting death of actress Lana Clarkson after the first trial ended last week with the jury deadlocked 10-2 for conviction.

Spector’s lead attorney Roger Rosen, is stepping down from the case along with Bradley Brunon and Linda Kenney-Baden, and said that might be difficult because Spector’s new lawyers would need time to prepare.

Rosen said he was leaving the case in part because, after the first five-month trial, he needed to turn his attention to other clients. He said Spector, 67, also wanted the “fresh perspective” of a new defense team, he told Reuters.

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