Snoop Dogg To Launch Clothing Line

Snoop Dogg To Launch Clothing Line By Erin T. McMillon

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (RUSPRNEWS)August 25, 2008–Putting out a clothing line has become just as important to rappers as the record deal itself. In comparison to most rappers in the game, however, Snoop Dogg seems to be a bit late but he is still trying his pimp hand at the garment game.

According to Variety, the rapper is set to launch his new line, “Rich & Infamous,” at the Magic fashion tradeshow in Las Vegas this week.

Inspired by Muhammad Ali, Jimi Hendrix, and Paul Newman the line is actually the second clothing venture for the rapper. He was the driving force behind “Snoop Dogg Clothing.”

“[It] represents a fraternity of sorts,” Robert Thorne, one of the brand’s creators, said in a statement. “From presidents to gangsters, who endure the burden of gaining wealth at any cost. Garnering equal parts admiration and disdain, these men savor the fruits and relish the spotlight.”


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