Skobos Announces Personal Television Software for Apple

The private software developer company Skobos, has released news of the availability of their new flagship personal television program called ‘Skobos’. The program is currently available for Apple’s OS X operating systems and runs as a Universal program on both PPC and Intel built microprocessors.

Londonderry, NH -(RUSHPRNEWS) April 11, 2008 – Own a Mac computer? Like to watch television? Want to watch television on your Mac desktop or laptop computer anytime or anywhere there’s a high-speed connection? Whether you’re plugged in or on wireless, interactive television will never be the same and the program Skobos can prove it to you.

“The time for the acceptance of a software television by the public-at-large is fast approaching and we (Skobos) are going to be in the lead when it arrives. For a few years now IPTV, made mostly available for Microsoft operating systems have created a huge lead among the personal usage of IPTV, up until now that is.” says Chuck Grieves, owner of Skobos.

While the term of ‘Personal Television’ conjures up memories of a small B&W 5” battery operated television, this software is miles ahead of that technology. The motto of their logo says it all. “Travel The World One Channel at a Time”.

“We wanted the Skobos program to be as interactive as possible with each users personality in mind. From the see-through windows that matchup seamlessly for any desktop background image, to the opportunity to control via real-time voting; what channels are kept and what ones are excluded from the next bi-monthly update. It becomes pure user interactivity in every sense of the word.”

“As for Social Networking, the act of conversing with people half-a-world-away that may be watching the same channel you are in real-time, is amazing and offers as yet untapped opportunities that Skobos is uniquely poised for. The future of Internet Television is here and now.”

The current 160+ channels of the Skobos program (version 1.0.1) links to the broadcasts of everything from 24 hour News, Music, & Variety shows, to live broadcasts streaming from around the world. Watch Television from Russia to Iraq, China to someplace in Hometown USA, or Lebanon to Czechia at the speed of a mouse click.

The Skobos program offers its users a friendly, interactive, and low-cost effective way to travel the world, one channel at a time.

For additional information concerning this release or of the Skobos program, you can visit their website at Chuck Grieves has owned Skobos for over seven years and is the Chief Programmer for the Skobos project.

Chuck Grieves


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