Singer Madonna to Adopt Again

lady-madonna-children-at-her-feet.jpgLady Madonna, children at her feet, to adopt a Malawi sister for Baby David (and kids Lourdes and Rocco)
By Juontel White news source: Hollywood Today

HOLLYWOOD, CA (RUSHPRNEWS)September 3, 2007– Despite numerous problems with the Malawian government over the adoption of her first baby boy, Madonna is reportedly bringing him a sister from a neighboring village in that country. Madonna and her filmmaker husband Guy Ritchie have received permission and will reportedly adopt a 13 month-old orphan girl named Mercy.

However, before she picks up the girl in April she must first finalize adoption of David Banda. The Malawian officials almost didn’t allow her to adopt him after her highly publicized move made officials nervous and sparked heated debate about the country’s abortion laws.

The country, among the poorest in the world, made it surprisingly difficult for a foreigner to adopt one of their million orphans. “They have no public health system,” said Dr. Eric Grigsby of California, in Malawi to help children there. “The country has approximately a million orphans — children who have lost both of their parents to AIDS,” he said.

The brouhaha continues still. The social worker in charge of overseeing pop star Madonna’s adoption of a two-year-old African boy David is confirmed to make his final inspection of the child’s new home, after which the adoption will be official.

Madonna expected adopting a Malawian baby would be difficult, after being warned by a local social worker. “She didn’t say don’t do it, but she just said expect challenges, and, boy, did we get them,” Madonna told media.

The Malawi High Court ordered Penstone Kilembe to conduct two inspections of young David Banda interacting with his celebrity foster family and that Madonna pay for Kilembe’s airfare to her London home.

After initially choosing David Banda, in Madonna was granted 18-month interim custody of the child during which Kilembe would perform two inspections and thereafter make his recommendation of whether or not Madonna should be granted full custody.

Kilembe had scheduled to visit David from July 8 to 12 of this year; however his efforts were halted by Malawi’s Minister of Women and Child Development Kate Kainja.

Kainja disagreed with the courts order that Madonna pay Kilembe’s travel fare. “Let Madonna use that money on David … she has already spent a lot of money on David and she should not spend more money on us,” she said.

Kainja felt that receiving money from Madonna would be a form of government corruption and a more likely reason for Kilembe’s report to be influenced and biased.

As a solution, it had been suggested that a social worker already in London perform the inspection.

“This role is not interchangeable … this means no one can monitor David except me,” said Kilembe.

After some argument, the Malawian government settled to raise the funds to send Kilembe to London, a trip he will make soon after returning from a conference in the U.S.

Kilembe is scheduled to make a second inspection in December, after which the Malawian court will decide based upon his report.

Madonna and her husband, actor Guy Ritchie have been referring to young David as their son, even treating him as such with $12,000 worth of toys, including a miniature BMW electric car.

As soon as the adoption is settled little David can comfortable call them ‘daddy’ and ‘mommy’.


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