Shopping Comparison Prices on PriceForSure Helps Consumers Make an Informed Decision

RINCON, GA (RUSHPRNEWS) November 2, 2007——Millions of consumers worldwide visit online stores every day. At times, the merchants only have a web presence while at other times they are an extension of a brick and mortar storefront.

Wooing customers with brand name merchandise, free shipping offers, discounts, coupons, and bargain basement pricing of popular items, merchants do their level best to beat the competition at their own game. Consumers understand that they are in the driver’s seat when it comes to shopping online, and the expectations are high.

Yet sometimes consumers fall too quickly for the persuasion of one merchant while not even knowing of the existence of another – who may just be carrying an identical inventory for a lower price! How many times has a frustrated consumer found a similar item for a lot cheaper on the ‘Net after the purchase is already made and received? Not wanting to go through the hassle of returning the merchandise or arguing with countless customer service representatives about receiving a compensatory credit toward their account, the consumer is left with a bad taste.

Today a new website takes the headache out of comparison-shopping and makes sure that you receive the best deals possible. At, merchants and customers meet and interact, while the latter are always treated to the very latest deals and steals. Adding interactive opportunities to the site, you will not only shop from online catalogs but also have the ability to peruse a library of video uploads and even participate in live web-TV auctions, read consumer experiences on blogs, and enter chat rooms to stay up to date.

While consumers love because of the ease with which comparison-shopping may be accomplished in a fraction of the time, merchants appreciate the fact that their advertising budget is stretching father than before. Membership setup is free! Stores may be added to the portal’s database, and from there merchants may choose whether to offer a pay per click or pay per action incentive for the display of their products.

Lowest priced items from highly rated merchants being given priority, while newer merchants and higher priced merchandise is placed next sort the order of identical items displayed. In addition to the foregoing, businesses appreciate the fact that their advertising dollar is not wasted in other areas either, since will also display their special offers on the site, while consumers may shop secure in the knowledge that they are getting the best deal the Internet can offer.

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