Sex and the City’ Fans Selling Out Theaters

Sequel based on HBO television series going for $66 million weekend
By Robin Rowe for Hollywood Today

HOLLYWOOD, CA (RUSHPRNEWS) 6/01/08 –‘Sex and the City’ fans are selling out theaters, despite tepid reviews. With an all-ages female-driven audience, ‘Sex and the City’ is racing toward $66 million. The summer of women continues as ‘Sex and the City’ outpaces the triumph of Universal’s ‘Baby Moma’ ($52 million with it’s fifth week).

One thing driving audiences to ‘Sex and the City’ is the fashion, which presented a challenge to produce. “I knew that we were going up be up against Fashion Week, European and American,” says ‘Sex and the City’ star and producer Sarah Jessica Parker, who had dresses flown in last minute at tremendous expense and wore millions of dollars worth of jewelry in the film.  “To come to a costume fitting…there are at least sixteen, twenty racks of things,” says Kim Cattrall.  “There’s such excitement in the room. It’s just a free-for-all of trying things on. It’s like going to a fabulous trunk show.” “There were just tables of bags, every new bag that you haven’t seen in the store yet,” says Kristin Davis. “ And there were tables of shoes. It was just like Mecca.” “I would estimate that there were well over three hundred changes for these four women,” says costume designer Patricia Field, who defined a decade of fashion for the HBO series.

May 30 Theater Counts Indiana Jones (Paramount) 4,264 Prince Caspian (Buena Vista) 3,801 Iron Man (Paramount) 3,650 *Sex and the City (New Line) 3,285 *The Strangers (Rogue Pictures) 2,467 What Happens in Vegas (Fox) 3,086 Speed Racer (Warner Bros.) 2,070 Made of Honor (Columbia) 1,905 Baby Mama (Universal) 1,772 Action continues to be huge this summer with ‘Indian Jones’, ‘Prince Caspian’ and ‘Iron Man’ leading the theater counts this week over newcomers ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘The Strangers’. ‘Indiana Jones’ did an $120 million domestic opening and exceeded a $300 million opening in worldwide day-and-date.

The huge but relatively soft American opening seems due to the absence of Megan Fox, whose hottie-ness with Shia LeBeoff in ‘Transformers’ helped bring it to $309 million to date. That ‘Indiana Jones’ has no young hot chick seems a mistake by DreamWorks/Paramount in an otherwise excellent cast.

In a rare admission of making a mistake, Buena Vista said it made a programming error by placing ‘Prince Caspian’ between blockbusters ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Indiana Jones’. But, is that the problem? Boys would rather imagine being Iron Man or Indy. Girls had an amazing variety of chick flicks available. Caspian wasn’t the heart throb expected, falling a steep 59 percent after opening softer than ‘Narnia’.

No mea culpas have been offered by Warner Brothers for ‘Speed Racer’, with a very soft $36 million and falling fast. Paramount’s ‘Iron Man’, on the other hand, continues strong, with $258 million in 25 days. Data: Box Office Mojo
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