Senator Clinton at the Hispanic Caucus Meeting

 United For Change

By Nikki Sutton

DENVER, CO (RUSHPRNEWS) AUGUST 26, 2008–Delegates from across the nation have filled the Convention floor after a busy day at the Denver Convention Center. They attended caucus meetings, where they discussed the issues that most affect American families and communities, such as the affordability and availability of healthcare, quality education for all children, and the struggling economy earlier today.

At the Hispanic caucus meeting, hundreds of Latino Americans gathered to hear from leaders such as Colorado Congressman John Salazar, New Jersery Senator Bob Menendez, and New York Senator Hillary Clinton.

Senator Clinton spoke out against those who seek to divide us and called for Democrats, Independents, and even Republicans to join together because we cannot afford more of the same. “Let there be no mistake about it,” Hillary said, “We are united. We are united for change.”


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