Senator Barack Obama embraces Republican Candidate Keith Sprankle’s Iraq Plan

ObamaSenator Barack Obama embraces Republican Candidate Keith Sprankle’s Iraq Plan for the future.

Everett, WA. (RUSHPRNEWS) September 13, 2007 – I was honored to have Democratic Presidential Candidate, Senator Barack Obama, embrace my plan and vision for the redevelopment and solutions for the Country of Iraq.

This is truly a sign these are plans in which all people, both Democratic and Republican, can come together in seeking a single vision for the future of our Nation and of World Peace.

Senator Barack Obama released his plan consistent with my “Nation Building Program” for Iraq today, September 12, 2007, just seven months after I published this purposeful, goal oriented, solution to the current situation we are experiencing today.

All of us must show the wisdom and the will to bring lasting peace to the Middle East and all corners of our world which rely on stability in that region.

America is a peace-seeking country. Despite the repeated terror attacks against our Nation, the people of this great Country do not wish to wage war in the far reaches of our world. Instead we wish to share the economic freedoms with encourage personal development and a sense of accomplishment.

It is the people of America who desire to be known for their achievements, caring, compassion and economic ingenuity, rather than in the battlefield settling wars. We are committed to make the world a better place for all people, no matter what drives their beliefs and society.

My plan will create a new and better reality for country of Iraq. And it also has the potential to create the right conditions to resume negotiations between Nations with whom we have previously shut the door on communications. I was encouraged by Senator Barack Obama when he voiced his positive response and support for my “Nation Building Program” through his duplication of the specific outline. Our Country can forge new ground in diplomatic world relations and build ongoing deep and sincere friendships throughout the world.

I believe that my plan can be an important contribution to the advancement of economic development for all people in the Middle East, and together will build our trust, which is the only viable way to achieve the peace and security in the Middle East.

As President, I would push to implement my solution for Iraq, no matter what the current circumstances are when the powers that be hand over the keys to our Nation.

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