Scientology: Epidemic of “Psychiatric Rape”


Op-ed by Lilly Von Marcab

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (RushPRnews) 02/24/09– There is currently an “epidemic” of rape by psychiatrists, according to officials of Scientology front group “Citizens Commission on Human Rights” (sic), or CCHR. In addition, the officials assert that psychiatrists intentionally network their “pet” sex offenders, in lieu of treating them, so that the sex offenders can “compare notes,” and then form “terror cells” in ordinary communities.

In the first part of a just-released video compiled from interviews on two Florida local cable access Scientology-oriented TV shows, former CCHR president Dennis H. Clarke contends that rape of patients by psychiatrists is very common, and that all psychiatrists are sexual perverts.

Host: The work of your group has shown conclusively that the incidence of psychiatric rape are not just isolated incidents, it’s like an epidemic.
Clarke: Oh, no, no, no, no, this is so common. Electric shock and drugs used to cover it up, and that sort of thing. We’ve known that for years and years and years …. The psychiatrist is making money in two different ways. These are notoriously child psychiatrists. So they get the child who has been raped, and they get the rapist. I gotta tell ya, I’ve been working with Citizens Commission on Human Rights since it was formed in 1969, and I worked in this area of investigation and exposé even prior to that. And I can tell you that my experience with psychiatrists, in the investigations and so on, has indicated that they are, about man for man, wildly sexually aberrant. They are the last people I would ever let near a child. And yet a child who has been raped goes into their hands.

In the second part of the video, CCHR-Florida president David Figueroa interviews “Psychiatric Investigator” Ken Kramer. Kramer maintains that “up to 15% of psychotherapists are having sex with their patients.” After making it clear that he is referring to Florida’s psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health counselors, and clinical social workers (i.e. not specifically psychiatrists), Kramer exclaims “There’s 30,000 of these guys – it’s a felony in Florida – it’s rampant!” Figueroa then attempts to re-focus the blame on psychiatrists, and to cast “sex with patients” (howsoever one may define this) as “rape.” “With that number of psychiatrists, and we’re talking 15%, we literally are talking, over the years, tens of thousands of cases of psychiatric rape.”

IVC Inc.There are certainly cases of unethical sexual conduct in many professions, and psychiatry is no exception. The problem is nowhere near as large, however, as Scientology maintains.  A 2001 article in the American Journal of Psychiatry shows the folly in Scientology’s extravagant claims.

This study determined the risk of discipline by a medical board for psychiatrists relative to other physicians. Physicians disciplined by the California Medical Board in a 30-month period were compared with matched groups of non-disciplined physicians. Among 584 physicians disciplined over that 30-month period (out of California’s 104,000 licensed physicians), there were 75 (12.8% of the 584) psychiatrists, nearly twice the number of psychiatrists among non-disciplined physicians.

Psychiatrists were indeed significantly more likely than non-psychiatrist physicians to be disciplined for sexual relationships with patients, and were about as likely to be charged with negligence or incompetence.

  • Five hundred eighty-four physicians out of 104,000 were disciplined.
  • From among all medical specialties, there were 75 psychiatrists in that pool of 584.
  • From among those 75 psychiatrists, disciplined for a variety of reasons, 20 were disciplined for “inappropriate conduct, including sexual.”

In other words, over a 30-month period, 20 psychiatrists (out of 6,864 total psychiatrists in California, and 104,000 total physicians) were disciplined for some form of inappropriate conduct, including inappropriate sexual conduct. This means that in that 30-month period, 0.29% (less than one-third of 1%) California psychiatrists were disciplined for such conduct. Whether it was always, by default, what a sane person would consider “rape” is also open to question, notwithstanding the ethical problem.



Scientology’s beliefs about psychiatry

According to Scientology and its front groups, psychiatrists are to blame not only for 9/11, but for the African slave trade, the Holocaust, ethnic cleansing in the Balkans, and virtually every bad thing that has happened in human history. Scientologists believe that “psychiatric rape” occurs at epidemic levels in the USA, and that psychiatrists use lobotomies and electroshock therapy to keep their victims quiet. Indeed, they believe that “ice-pick lobotomies” are routinely administered by psychiatrists. All Scientology front operations, including CCHR, “Youth for Human Rights” (sic), Narconon, Criminon, “Applied Scholastics,” “Volunteer Ministers,” and others, are 100% oriented to obliterating psychiatry. “Human rights,” in fact, is Scientology’s euphemism for “obliterating psychiatry.”

Beyond psychiatry’s evil deeds on this planet, Scientology’s founder L. Ron Hubbard explained some other things about the vicious shrinks.

According to high-level Scientology doctrine, not available to Scientologists until they have paid as much as USD $300,000, it started with some trouble 75 million years ago, in a far-away galaxy. The place suffered from extreme overpopulation. A guy named Lord Xenu got the help of psychiatrists in summoning the galaxy’s inhabitants for an income tax inspection. Then each person was injected in the neck with a mixture of water and glycol, frozen, and put inside space-planes that looked very much like the DC-8 airliner that was popular in the 1960s. These space-planes flew to Earth (then known as “Teegeeack”), where the beings were stacked inside several volcanoes around the planet. Then Xenu dropped some massively large hydrogen bombs on top of them and blew them into smithereens — but smithereens that turned into parasitic ghosts. After a bunch of other crazy shenanigans involving movie theatres, implanted memories, a train, a circus, a gorilla, etc. etc. etc., these parasitic ghosts, or “body thetans,” now attach themselves in clusters to everyone on modern-day earth, and are responsible for all human mental, emotional and physical problems.

Later in space history, psychiatrists of the Marcab Confederacy, planets around a star in the “handle” of the “Big Dipper” constellation, imposed income tax as a punishment, not as a tax. The Psychiatrists came to earth 225,000 years ago with the 5th Invader Force, and began their reign of terror.

Scientology’s goal is the “total obliteration” of psychiatry, according to current Scientology leader David Miscavige. During his lifetime, L. Ron Hubbard wrote voluminously and lectured ad nauseam on how bad these characters are and about how important it is to exterminate the mental health profession, replacing it with Scientology.

“While western countries are spending billions fighting terrorist activities abroad they are neglecting the one they have at home. The psychiatrist and his front groups operate straight out of the terrorist text- books…. Setting himself up as a terror symbol, the psychiatrist kidnaps, tortures and murders without any slightest police interference or action by western security forces…. A psychiatrist kills a young girl for sexual kicks, murders a dozen patients with an ice pick, castrates a hundred men. And they give him another million appropriation.”

“Crimes of extortion, mayhem and murder are done daily by these men in the name of “practice” and “treatment.” There is not one institutional psychiatrist alive who, by ordinary criminal law, could not be arraigned and convicted of extortion, mayhem and murder. Our files are full of evidence on them.” – Hubbard, Freedom Magazine, 1969

While civil society can debate the merits of psychiatry, psychiatrists, psychiatric medications, and their application in our lives, Scientology’s perception of psychiatry is so bizarre it leaves “crackpot” in the dust. It’s more like “crackpipe.” People are entitled to believe what they like, but Scientology’s monomania about psychiatry shows that it really is a lunatic, dangerous, outer-space cult. It is not the celebrity-strewn, do-gooder, “religion” illusion that it tries to present.


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