Schlock Doesn’t Rock as “Blades” slices “Grindhouse,” “Hoax” at Box Office

ice-cube-now-chillin-with-the-family.jpgSchlock Doesn’t Rock as “Blades” slices “Grindhouse,” “Hoax” at Box Office- Gangsta founder Cube shows Family Values as Tarantino and Gere get cut
By Jeffrey Jolson for Hollywood Today

Ice Cube now chillin’
with the family

HOLLYWOOD, CA (rushprnews) April 9, 2007 –“Grindhouse” further defined cult movie as its campy gore and dull $11.6 million opening weekend didn’t hold a candle to mainstream comedies led by “Blades of Glory” with an estimated $23 million for its second weekend.

Disney’s animated film “Meet the Robinsons” came in second with $17 million for a $52 million two-week total. Ice Cube’s “Are We Done Yet” came in third with $15 million. It showed the former N.W.A. (Niggers with Attitude) rapper can routinely drive a family film, which is like saying Hannibal Lechter can now be hired as a cook.

“Everybody has their perceptions about how my career has evolved,” said the gangsta rap pioneer to writer Lydia Martin. “Being badass doesn’t turn me on. That’s an image; that’s a gimmick. I mean, I still have hard-core records left in me — and hard-core movies. But I thought this was the perfect time in my career to make some movies for the whole family and reach another generation.”

“Grindhouse” came in a disappointing fourth, well below Quentin Tarantino’s usual openings in the $20 million range. The three-hour-plus running time likely help hamstring the film. Plus the younger fans who love the QT weren’t around when “Grindhouse” gist, 60s and 70s schlock films, were mildly popular. They may be cult now, but they were trashy exploitation films then. Cult directors (in this case referring to their hardcore fans) Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez had best hope that designation holds as it also indicates films that have legs beyond conventional openings.

Horror/thiller “The Reaping” with Hilary Swank had a $10.1 million bow despite horrible reviews, though that isn’t uncommon for these sorts of pics. What was surprising was Richard Gere’s highly acclaimed “Hoax” only opening in 15th place with a $1.5 million estimate.

“300” will pass the $200 million mark this coming week as its $8.8 million weekend brought it to $194 million.


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