Samsung Electronics Announces Eco-Management 2013 Initiative

SEOUL (RPRN) 7/22/2009–Samsung Electronics today announced a new green management initiative that establishes a comprehensive set of goals intended to make Samsung a leading eco-friendly company by 2013.

Focused on achieving low-carbon economic growth, the company laid out four core green management objectives as part of its “Eco-Management 2013” plan. The objectives included: reducing greenhouse gas emissions normalized by sales* from manufacturing facilities by 50 percent and cutting total indirect greenhouse gas emissions from all products by 84 million tons over a five year period through 2013; ensuring 100 percent of Samsung’s products are eco-friendly and exceed global eco-mark standards; investing 5.4 trillion Korean won in various eco-management initiatives; and enhancing green partnerships with suppliers and partners.

The company also unveiled its green management vision, “Creating New Value through Eco-Innovation,” and the program’s slogan, ”PlanetFirst,” during a ceremony at Samsung Electronics’ corporate headquarters in Seoul. The vision statement emphasizes the management’s commitment to make environmental guardianship a priority across the business and apply technology in innovative ways to achieve eco-friendly growth.

“As a leading global technology company, Samsung Electronics has always taken our environmental responsibilities very seriously, but today we are committing to becoming a truly green enterprise that places eco-management at the very heart of our business decision-making and growth,” said Yoon-Woo Lee, Samsung Electronics’ vice chairman and CEO.

“This eco-management initiative will encompass all of our global operations, supply chain, and the complete lifecycle of Samsung products, and by achieving these goals we aim to lead the way in tackling the environmental problems that are facing our planet.”

The Eco-Management 2013 plan includes commitments to:

· Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing facilities by 50 percent by 2013 on a financial emissions intensity basis, taking 2008 as the base year. In order to achieve this, LCD and semiconductor lines will introduce PFC and SF6 reduction technologies, and enhance energy management systems.

· Reduce estimated indirect greenhouse gas emissions from Samsung products by 84 million tons over a five year period through the end of 2013. This will be achieved by enhancing energy efficiency of Samsung products including TVs, refrigerators and air conditioning systems to the highest level in the industry, and reducing standby power consumption from 1.0W to 0.5W.

· Exceed Good Eco-Product criteria** for 100 percent of Samsung’s products, up from the current 50 percent. This will include introducing eco-friendly evaluation for products in the R&D stage, enhancing energy efficiency, and increasing the use of recyclable and eco-friendly materials.

· Invest 5.4 trillion Korean won on research and development, and facilities related to eco-management initiatives through 2013. This includes 3.1 trillion Korean won for development of eco-friendly products, and 2.3 trillion Korean won for energy-saving technologies and greening of manufacturing facilities.

· Strengthen environmental cooperation with suppliers and partners, including supporting the implementation of green management systems such as ISO 14001, and the establishment of greenhouse gas inventories.

* Greenhouse Gas Emissions Normalized by Sales – Total greenhouse gas emissions are divided by annual revenue in order to provide a consistent measure of green manufacturing efficiency. (unit: tons of C02/100 million Korean won revenue)

** Good Eco-Product – Samsung assigns each newly developed product an eco-rating (Eco-Product, Good Eco-Product, or Premium Eco-Product) based on strict internal evaluation criteria. In order to be considered a Good Eco-Product, products must exceed basic industry requirements, exhibit differentiating eco-friendly features and satisfy global eco-mark standards.


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