Samantha/Lindsay Shocked At Gay Marriage Ban

LOS ANGELES(RushPRnews)11/10/08-Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan’s gal pal Samantha Ronson expressed shock at the passing of a ban on same-sex marriage in California. Ronson, who is reportedly dating Lohan, was frightened to see that voters approved an animal-rights initiative but discarded measures for gay marriage and adoption.

Just over 52 per cent of those who voted on Proposition 8 opposed May’s Supreme Court ruling, which legalized same-sex unions in the state.

“I guess people care more about farm animals than they do their fellow man, that’’s really sad to me, People magazine quoted her, as saying on her blog.

“Yes, I am glad that the chickens will have more room and better conditions as they wait to die, but I just think it’s frightening that people show more compassion for tomorrow’s dinner than for the chef.” she said.

“Yup, Miss Piggy and Chicken Little may rest easy, but gay people in Florida and California can no longer get married and gay couples in Arkansas can’t adopt children. G-d forbid a loving family (regardless of sexual orientation) give a needy child a home!” she added.

source China Daily

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