Ryan O’Neal and Son Speed Drug Bust in Malibu

Ryan OOscar nominated Ryan O’Neal and son arrested on suspicion of drug possession – ONeals Makes Simpsons Look like Cleavers

By Brian Frederick

MALIBU, CA(RUSHPRNEWS)9/20/08 – – Oscar nominated actor Ryan O’Neal, 67, and his son Redmond, 23, “were arrested in the O’Neal’s Malibu mansion on Wednesday for suspicion of methamphetamine,” according to a sheriff’s spokesperson. The arrest conducted by the Los Angeles county sheriff’s department was the result of a predawn raid related to Redmond’s June arrest for DUI and drug possession.

In exchange for a guilty plea, Redmond agreed to three years probation and mandatory drug treatment to avoid jail-time. Typically during probation, homes searches can be conducted anytime as part of the probation agreement. At Redmond’s June arrest, police found heroin and meth in his possession.
As sheriff’s deputies dug through cabinets and sofa cushions in the O’Neal’s home, they found meth in or near Ryan’s living area. It’s been alleged that Ryan claimed to have found the meth in his son’s possession several months ago. It’s not clear as to why Ryan was holding on to the meth for that long or why he didn’t dispose of the drugs properly. Additionally, drugs were allegedly found in Redmond’s possession during the search.

Ryan’s attorney Mark Werksman stated, “The drugs were not his.” The father son team was released after they each posted $10,000 bail. Prosecutors must now decide if they will file charges. Ryan has been devastated by the arrest according to Werksman. “We know that when all the facts come out, he should not be charged with a crime.” It was “not clear who was representing Redmond,” according to Werksman.

Apparently Charlie’s Angels star and 70s pin-up sex symbol, sweetheart Farrah Fawcett, 61, was sound asleep while sheriff’s deputies combed through her lingerie and arrested her son Redmond and long-time domestic partner Ryan.

Redmond has a half-brother Griffin, 43, and half-sister Tatum O’Neal, 44, from Ryan’s first marriage to Joanna Moore, 63. Ryan also has another son Patrick, 41, from his second marriage to Leigh Taylor.
The O’Neal family has had its ups and downs.

In February Ryan was arrested on suspicion of assaulting his other son Griffin. Charges were not filed in the case.

In July Tatum was arrested for disorderly conduct during an arrest on suspicion of cocaine possession.
In 1986 Griffin was charged with manslaughter for killing Francis Ford Coppola’s son, Gian-Carlo, while on drugs during a boating accident in Annapolis, Maryland.

Ryan was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2001 which is now in remission and Farrah has had her battles with cancer which she claims to be cancer free.

Ryan received an Oscar nomination in 1971 for ‘Love Story.’ Tatum won an Oscar in 1974 for best supporting actress in ‘Paper Moon.’ The role was played opposite her father. At the age of 10, she still holds the record as the youngest person in Oscar history to win an academy award.

Hopefully the family will find some peace soon. It’s been along time since the early 70s.


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