Rising Celebrity Brandon Allen Miller Stars in Marshals I.T. Western Film

LOS ANGELES, (RUSHPRNEWS) August 30, 2007 -Director Charles Howard Thomas, owner of Drydock Film Corporation has chosen Brandon Allen Miller to play the lead bad guy in his new western film Marshals I.T.  Miller is excited to be working on this original western that promises action and excitement from beginning to end, and like every western a shootout! Miller’s character is the infamous Charlie Roberts; the wanted leader of an outlaw gang. Roberts’ (Miller) gang is responsible for the death of Lily Birdsong’s family, where his gang left her for dead.

The angry, determined Lily teams up with a group of Marshals to hunt down this outlaw gang and bring all the men in to justice. Charlie (Miller) meets up with the legendary Michael Hastings, yet another rough and tough outlaw leader. The two make plans to team up and take over some towns and rob a few banks along the way. Lily Birdsong and the Marshal team are sure to have their work cut out for them capturing these outlaws.

The question is will they catch the Charlie Roberts gang before they make it to Mexico? This is Brandon’s third film project this year. Earlier in the year he participated in another film, also produced by Drydock Films. Brandon is a brilliant newcomer, making a splash on the big screen in a big way. Directors and costars comment, “its a pleasure working with this young star because of his laid back, calm, cool and collected spirit.” He brings something new and refreshing to the set each time he acts, making his character truly come to life.

Plus his handsome face, blonde hair, and blue eyes make him extremely easy to look at! Those killer good looks matched with his charming personality make the ladies go wild. Get ready Hollywood there’s a new celebrity face about to bust upon the scene. This bright young actor looks to have a very promising future in show business ahead of him.

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